Top 10 Reasons to Travel to NYC Solo || Visit NYC Alone ?

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What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from a very cool place in the Financial District But we’re going to get to that I got a really interesting DM the other day on Instagram One of you guys asked me.. Should I visit New York by myself.. And I got to thinking That’s an excellent question And many of you out there want to come to the Big Apple But are just to afraid to take that leap To travel solo Can’t get your husband to go Can’t get your best friend to go Well todays video is a kick in the butt I’m going to give you 10 Reasons You Should Visit New YOrk City By Yourself Guys make sure to check out my other New York City Tip’s videos Linked down below in the description Here we go We’re going to start with this reason Nobody cares This is a city of 8 million people All who have better things to do Than judge for traveling by yourself Look at you for walking on your street by yourself We’re coming to you from the Elevated Acre Which is this amazing park In the financial district I am filming right now like a fool And nobody cares Nobody’s even watching me Because everybody has their own problems and things to worry about There are so many crazy things going on in New York That you walking by yourself Eating by yourself Whatever it may be Nobody cares It’s okay to go out to eat by yourself In New York There are so many restaurants.. sushi bars Where you can sit at the counter Restaurants that have bars where you can sit there Literally one of my favorite sandwiches in New York City Is only served at the bar at Delmonico’s The 100 dollar Grilled Cheese Trust me it’s life changing Also there’s a lot of quick serve healthy eating places you can go to All over the city Where people are constantly eating by themselves Not paying attention to you And if you really don’t want to go out to eat And you’re alone You can always go to one of the many super markets Trader Joes Get a meal to go It’s all fine Alright next up on the list Let me take care of this one for you Jon Ladies and Gentleman it is Tal from the Traveling Clatt I’ve decided to let him do the next 3 reasons you should travel solo To New York Because this guy has traveled by himself All over the world Including New York So Tal take it away? Yeah so I thought we would start with talking about how there are so many other people In this city specifically In the same situation as you If you’re coming here as a solo traveler Whether it’s for hostels or meetups with couchsurfing Or just couchsurfing in general Meeting strangers to just do random fun things together The city is full.. Absolutely packed with opportunity For stuff like that Just because of the sheer amount of people that are doing the same exact thing You think about it Me and Jon were just talking How New York City is the number one travel destination In the United States of America For that.. It just means their are so many people coming in here on a daily basis On a yearly basis That the opportunity for you to hang out with people that are doing the same thing Is like.. So so open Just living here for the last 2-3 months I have met so many strangers Just walking on the street People will just come up and talk to you all the time And so.. If you’re coming with some sort of fear of that Just know that.. When you’re here As long as you make it open for yourself That you’re open to opportunities And you’re going to say yes a lot Just.. be open to that And you’ll have so many opportunities coming your way Of people in the same boat as you And I want a good tip to that Let’s say you go on a free walking tour A great place to meet people also Hostels, anyone there’s fellow travelers You have people who can go an explore the city At the same time as you Tal what do you got next? The next thing I would have to say is Just walking around New York City is free If you’re coming here on a budget Especially alone You won’t have to worry about spending much Because you could literally just walk around. People watch Find cool spots to sit down To listen to music To do whatever you want because there’s so much life in this city For me personally my favorite kind of neighborhood to walk around Is Chinatown Specifically one street Called Doyers Street Which has this really cool looking East Asian architecture It will really feel like you’re transported to a different country When you’re there I could literally do that all day Every day And just walk up and down the street Doing it as many times as I want There’s always something happening I think a huge tip is just.. Walk around the city Explore Get a feeling for it Get the life. Ingest all of that when you’re here Guys quick break from the information Look at this park right here We’re at the elevated acre This place is amazing It’s up the stairs on 55 water street It’s your first time here What do you think? It’s so freaking cool I haven’t ever been up here We’re here in spring time right now And it’s so beautiful The weathers perfect We got nice sun All the trees are growing out right now Everythings becoming green Let’s show them the view from the water Guys this is really, this is my favorite part about the elevated acre A lot of people come here just to eat lunch It gets the financial district crowd But you should come especially If you want would I would say Is almost a free rooftop You ready for this view? Look at this There’s freakin helicopters taking off Does it get more New York City than that? There’s helicopters ! Alright my last major tip for you Because a lot of people are kind of scared when they come to New York City for the first time Especially if you’re coming alone If it’s a safe place to be If it’s a safe place to travel to I can tell you personally As somebody whose been living here for the last 3 months And I’ve been covering every square inch of this city I’ve been to like.. all the major neighborhoods Especially for a tourist All the major tourist destinations There hasn’t been a single time yet Where I felt uncomfortable Or unsafe Every neighborhood, every touristy place Is pretty much 100% safe The crime rate in New York City is so low as it is And people generally here are very To themselves They keep to themselves And they’re not going to be bothering you. They’re not looking to harass you You’re not going to have a lot of that .. Like when you travel to other places around the world Where people are trying to sell you stuff on the street You’ll maybe get this in just the tourist destinations But a lot of times It’s very safe There’s very low risk for confrontation In the city in my opinion Thank you to Tal
Check his channel out The Traveling Clatt If you like my informative style He is just as informative And checking out so many cool neighborhoods As well Back to the list New York City Has so many activities That are perfectly fine to do by yourself That maybe are even better to do by yourself Let’s go through some examples Shows Broadway In fact, if you’re alone you have a higher chance of winning Some of the lotteries for the really tough tickets Let’s say Hamilton for example Also do you really need somebody bothering you when you go to a show? If you’re by yourself nobody is going to interrupt you New York also has tons of movie theaters Independent movie theaters Museums I know when I go to a museum And i’m really into something I might not want other people to talk to I might just want to wander and enjoy it by myself And another really cool thing to do alone Bookstores I recommend the Strand It is one of the biggest independent book stores In the country The place is huge Go there by yourself Get lost in those books, have a good time Shopping New York City has so much shopping And I personally hate shopping I prefer to do it by myself You can just spend days going up and down All of the famous streets Going to Century 21 Forever 21 All the places that have the best discounts for tourists And nobody is going to be harassing you About anything Speaking of shopping I have a new t-shirt on my line Thank you Tal Guys just added this to my store If you want to check this out I’m putting a coupon code real quick right there Man Hat Tan Guys tell me in the comments if you like this shirt If you want to order it It’s right down below in the description I get a small portion of the proceeds If you want to support the channel And you like this t-shirt Feel free to order The next reason if you are traveling solo And you are single You’ve come to the right city There are so many single people in New York On all of the dating apps All of the websites I’ve seen plenty of people going to bars by themselves If you go out by yourself people may chat you up I even have a story A friend of mine Met his girlfriend.. they’re not together anymore But that has nothing to do with this video He met his girlfriend on a dating app When she was traveling to New York by herself People here are very openminded to dating Even if you’re only here for a short period That could be.. Just an extra reason to visit One of the best reasons to travel to New York by yourself Is that.. Nobody knows you here Well that is.. if you don’t have friends or family here already But the truth is Coming on a solo trip to a big city like this Gives you the opportunity to try so many new things That maybe.. You’d be to afraid to try if you came with your best friend Who is afraid of staying out til 4 o’clock in the morning Or is afraid of trying really exotic food Or is afraid of going to a certain museum or place New York gives you so many opportunities To step outside of your comfort zone Believe me I’ve done it So many times here Already Give yourself that opportunity and don’t be afraid to travel here solo Because remember Nobody knows you. The final reason to travel to New York by yourself Is.. you don’t need a reason New York City is incredible There are so many fun things to do here Whether you bring somebody or not You’re going to be missing out on so many amazing opportunities For food, for culture For museums For everything For shopping Everything I mentioned on this list And more Everything i’ve ever covered on this channel If you’re to afraid to come here Because you don’t have somebody Else to take with you You truly are missing out And I hope that these reasons
have given you That extra kick in the behind To consider booking a ticket here And making that New York City trip happen Believe me I have rarely ever met somebody Who came to New York And regretted the experience Whether good or bad It was definitley worth it Alright guys make sure to A. Check out the food trucks down the street here If you do come to the elevated acre Awesome place to eat Bring your lunch here For sure And make sure to check out my other New York City playlists Linked down below for awesome tips videos Guides to neighborhoods And more We’ve covered so much of New York in the last year Guys thank you so much for watching as always Until next time There’s this rumor going around New York That if you wear Here Be Barr Merchandise You can get all the ladies Is that true Jon Well I can’t really comment on such things He’s not denying anything so.. If you’re coming to New York It could happen for you


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