Top 10 Things to do in New York City on a Rainy Day ! ☔ (NYC Travel Tips)

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What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from New York And the one thing you can’t control before a trip anywhere Is the weather But don’t worry New York City is one of the best places on the planet for a rainy day And today I’m going to be telling you about 10 Awesome Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day In New York City Before we go on, I want to let you guys know that i’m two years cancer free And I’m having a fundraiser right now to raise awareness For testicular cancer We’re looking to raise $5,000 in the next month If you have a moment please check out my GoFundMe in the description No donation is to small I woudln’t even call the Paley Center for Media a Museum It’s more of an experience You come in here they have a suggested donation of $10.. But you can donate whatever you wish And there’s a little bit of something for everybody here. On the first floor they have a permanent video game exhibit You can play NHL, me and my brother were playing FIFA They have a little virtual reality center And then upstairs is where I think the most interesting exhibit is You get to watch old TV shows, old commercials, old radio advertisements And shows I was watching the 1969 Superbowl with the Jets My brother was watching Tales from the Crypt You just search on the computer And this is such an amazing spot to come to On a rainy day And it’s a shame but more people don’t know about this place. The indepedent book store is a dieing breed in New York City And on a rainy day.. there is no better thing that you can do Than visit a small Independent Book Store And keep them in business But if you need to go to just one big spot Check out the Strand Calling the Strand just a book store Is like calling Central Park, just a park This place is enormous They bill themselves as 18 miles of books You could spend hours just wandering the 4 different floors.. Check out the rare book section On the top floor I personally like the little travel section in the basement Move around, they have a lot of little gifts you can buy as well Just the perfect place.. To find older books Or even newer stuff And it’s definitley an amazing spot.. To get some souvenirs as well. Grand Central Terminal
One of the few transit hubs On earth that is a destination.. not just a departure spot Spend a rainy day roaming the main concourse And admiring the constellations on the ceiling Visit the food court downstairs Which is one of my favorites in the city And has cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery Or if you’re feeling really adventurous Get a cocktail in the Campbell Apartment Which feels like a speakeasy bar From the 1920’s This is an easy spot to spend a few rainy hours at Most towns in the United States have movie theaters Which are an excellent option during a rainy day But not every city in the U.S Has almost a dozen independent movie theaters Like this one right here The Angelika And these differ from your typical movie theater Because you actually have independent movies That you can’t find anywhere else Around the country And i’m going to tell you a good story about the Angelika Film Center Here. I went to a movie a couple of years ago It’s a small little theater in the basement I walk in And a guy stands in front of the entire theater And says Hi, guys i’m the director This is my movie If you want to talk about the movie afterwards Come step outside I’m going to be here to talk to anybody.. who wants I think you can get amazing experiences like that In New York The movie kind of sucked So I didn’t talk to the director So hopefully you’re going to see a movie that’s really good And you never know who you’re going to run into inside Guys can you believe it, it actually stopped raining in the middle of the shoot But we’re going to continue anyway And New York City Has multiple board game cafes My personal favorite is the Uncommons In Greenwich Village The inside has a little bit of everything You pay a flat rate of $5 for 1 hour Of unlimited game play They’ve got the classics like monopoly Scrabble And they also have some weird ones that I’ve never heard of Adriana and I were playing this pizza game A trivia game You can also order food They have beer, they have wine. This would also serve as a good spot A for a date. And B if you’re under 21 and need somewhere to go With a group of friends Look no further The uncommons Highly recommended For a rainy day If there was ever a day to dedicate just to shopping in New York City It would be a rainy day And you have tons of options all over Manhattan I personally hate shopping But if I have to go to just one store in the entire city I like the largest Macy’s in the world
At Herald Square It’s 11 floors. It has so much inside Some other ideas are you could leave New York City Completley and go to some of the famous outlets Directly from Port Authority There’s Jersey Gardens. There’s also Woodbury Commons which I think is just a little bit better Now the clothes you’ll get there Might be out of season But they’re going to be very cheap And if you have to go somewhere with a suitcase And just load it up with clothes to go home One of those outlet malls Is definitely your best bet New York’s got plenty of food options any given day of the week But when it’s raining I recommend going to an indoor food market You’ve got great choices like Dekalb in Brooklyn Or Chelsea Market.. If you go inside Chelsea Market make sure to check out Los Tacos No.1 My opinion, the best taco in Manhattan Another great choice is to go to Eataly in Flatiron Yes, it’s a little bit touristy And it is expensive But it’s got a lot of really great italian products inside From Candy To Salami To meats To ordering lunch there I recommend trying any of the Panini’s inside They’re excellent And then cap it off with an espresso But no matter what when it’s raining I think any of the indoor New York Food Markets are a great choice That way everybody in your party Can be happy And you can sample a lot of different foods New York is the theater capital of the world Your possibilities are endless For different types of shows That you can see on a rainy day Your best bet is either to check out.. TKTS, go to the booth Or use the app to see what shows are discounted for that day Another good app is Today Tix And if you want a listing of all the broadway and off-broadway shows that are available Go to the Theatermania website And please don’t count out shows that are off broadway There are so many talented people In New York City Broadway or Off-Broadway.. I think you’re going to have a really good time. What is better to do on a rainy day than play some arcade games I’m a big fan of Barcade There’s a couple of these in the city In Brooklyn and in Manhattan And it’s perfect for my adult viewers out there, 21 and up Because they have a full service bar You can put your beer down And enjoy some old school video games Like my favorites NBA Jam or Xmen My brother and I had a really good time inside For my viewers who are under 21 Or traveling with kids Don’t worry I’ve got you covered I recommend you check out, Modern Pinball NYC Arcade It’s a really neat spot.. all ages are welcome there So matter what, when it’s raining Definitley get that arcade game fix in The main branch of the New York Public Library is honestly Something you should visit If it’s raining Or it’s not raining This place is incredible It feels like you’re stepping inside of a museum Gorgeous architecture throughout A lot of famous things are inside For example the first ever winnie the pooh bear Is in the basement in the childrens section Roam around. Check out the big reading room Imagine studying in a place like that Absolutely incredible location Just to spend 30 minutes, 45 minutes Also try to get into the Map Room It wasn’t today on a Sunday But they have old maps that are really really interesting Guys definitley, put the New York Public Library on your list For a rainy day I want to plug a video I just created one month ago About the 5 Best Museums in New York City You’ve never heard of Now I’ll never tell you Not to go to the MET Or the Museum of Natural History But if you want to get off the heavy tourist track I’m putting a link to this video In the description Any of these would be perfect on a rainy day From the color factory for any Instagram obsessed people out there To a museum that’s right next door to some famous places That is easily overlooked We even show you around a tiny gem, hidden away in Brooklyn That is super, super quirky And very fun My favorite museum in that video And maybe in New York City Is the transit museum You’re essentially running around an old subway station Filled with old subway cars And tons of memorabilia And the best part is that it’s not likely to be super crowded On a rainy day For more information about these lesser known New York City museums Make sure to watch that video I promise.. you’ll like it Guys tell me down below in the comments Which of these rainy day activities was your favorite Or did I miss something? Make sure to check out my other New York City playlists also linked down below in the description Thank you so much for watching as always Until next time.


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