Top Shops for Cheap Souvenirs in Tokyo

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– Look at it. (laughs) I’m convinced. While exploring the beauty
that Tokyo has to offer, the one big thing that might
be on your travel to-do list is to collect several souvenirs
for yourself, friends, and your family members. But, as a cheapo, since flying to Japan
can cost a pretty penny, we’ve rounded up three great places to find the best and
least expensive souvenirs to add to your collection. Hey, guys, Lyz Kelly here. I’m here in Shibuya and
I’m going to show you the three best places to get souvenirs and we’re going to start at Don Quijote! What can I say about Don Quijote? This place is a treasure
trove of Japanese gadgets, clothing, snacks, beauty products, and other things. Look at it. (laughs) I’m convinced. When you walk in, you’re
almost so overwhelmed with how much stuff Japan
has packed in these stores. Some of the coolest things
that you can get here is Japanese snacks, omi-age, and they have a lot of different
snacks from around Japan, so you don’t have to go
to all the prefectures in Japan to get them. They’re all right here. If there’s one place I had
to recommend for cheap things to bring or send home, this would be the ultimate recommendation. The next cheap souvenir
shops to look at for gifts and souvenirs is literally any
100¥ store you come across. Everything and anything is only 100¥. Yes, you heard that
right folks, only 100¥. So, if you guys wanna
find souvenirs for people that you don’t wanna
spend a lot of money on, this is the place for you. All the stuff in the Daiso is only 100¥. You can get all sorts of
things, anything and everything, chopsticks, character
goods, traditional goods. Let’s go inside and check it out. Two of the most popular
100¥ stores in Tokyo are the Daiso and Can Do. A lot of what you see here
are basically cheaper versions of the things you saw at Don Quijote. Pretend that these are very expensive. You don’t have to say they’re
100¥, you can just pretend. The one thing to highlight here are all the random and
awkward Engrish you can read. If you don’t know what Engrish is, it’s basically English
that makes zero sense. – [Man Filming] Blissful
moments I spend surrounded with pretty miscellaneous goods. Shine more today than yesterday, wishing tomorrow is a wonderful day. The beach, you walk with happiness. Don’t care about time today. Journey. Life. Desert. – [Lyz] I think these types of souvenirs would definitely make someone laugh. In the end, if you wanna
get a lot for a small price, I highly suggest you sift
through these 100¥ shops. For the people you want to
spend a little more money on, but still want to keep it affordable, we recommend Tokyu Hands. The Tokyu Hands store in
Shibuya is seven floors high, and each floor has a specific category to make souvenir shopping super easy. Everything is higher quality, and there’s tons to choose from. (panting) So much stuff here! Even if you aren’t looking for souvenirs, Tokyu Hands is definitely worth the visit. Browsing the racks is what makes this department store really fun. You’ll definitely find what you need for all family members and loved ones. Convenient. There’s even a floor
dedicated to your pet. So, there you have it. Your Tokyo cheapo guide for finding the most affordable
places to buy souvenirs. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for videos like this, and
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souvenir ideas and more. Happy shopping! (laughs) I’m gonna lose so much weight. – [Man Filming] You look like
you have something important to tell me, you’re just like (laughs). – Super prickly, and confusing. Best souvenir! Thank you guys for
watching for this video. I’m gonna work out now, and
I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! (laughs) I can’t get off. (upbeat jazz music)


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