Top Travel Tips from the Travel Mom! || STEVE HARVEY

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– Look, we all know life
can be stressful at times and really, at times, it
can even be overwhelming, so it’s no wonder that
a recent survey found that 51% of Americans are motivated to go on vacation to recharge,
destress and reset. That’s exactly why I go. And I brought back my buddy
to give us the inside scoop. Please welcome the travel
mom, Emily Kaufman. – Hi, everybody. – [Steve] Hey, Emily.
– Hi, Steve. – [Steve] Good to see you again. – Good to be back with you. – Alright now, we got a
couple in the audience up here that has a question for you. Where’s Phaedra and Shaun? What’s your question for Emily? – Well, we’ve been together
for about 17 years, married for 13, we have
two beautiful children. The last vacation we took
alone, without children, was about 14 years ago. We did not get a honeymoon
because I was very pregnant at the time when we got married, so the last few years
have been rather tricky. I had breast cancer, went through the whole treatment and surgery. I’m in remission, but we would love… (audience applauding) We would love an
opportunity to go somewhere, on a budget, just the two of us to kinda celebrate having gotten past what we’ve gone through recently, so. – And go without our kids. (audience laughing) – She said that, Shaun, but you know, he may have mentioned
without the children. – [Shaun] It’s time – [Steve] Yeah, it is. So Emily, what do you think
is the best type of vacation? – [Emily] You know, you’re not alone in wanting to find some
time, grown-up time, self-care is such a big, important thing, and there’s a big trend with
what we call wellness vacations and wellness vacations
are body, mind and spirit, you come back rejuvenated,
inspired and motivated. – Tell us about the
first wellness vacation. – Well, wellness vacations
come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and the fist
one I want to tell you about is a beach front retreat in Tulum, Mexico, right at the ocean, it’s called Amansala. Amansala is an eco-chic resort
and it’s home to something called Bikini Bootcamp. I just went there and
Bikini Bootcamp allows you to move your body, eat healthy
food, reconnect with yourself and do it in a relaxed,
casual, ocean front experience in Tulum, Mexico. This one is a really casual yet luxurious, it marries great service,
great food, great exercise, yet you stand thatched roof,
gorgeous ocean front resort type property. – [Steve] Yeah, okay, that’s cool. Tulum is super casual,
very chic and a very hip, popular place to be right now. – Yeah, I’d like to wear a
suit or something to dinner, you know. – Well you’re not gonna
wear a suit to dinner but I do have another place where you can wear a suit together. – Okay what we got? – And I know how much you love Las Vegas. Red Rock Resort and Casino now has a spa. They’re a wellness destination,
they’ve got something they’re called the bod pod. It looks sorta like a spaceship egg and it takes all of your measurements, so you get a handle of where you are. As you begin your journey
you can do massages, you can exercise, you
can also go out to dinner at T-bone Steakhouse and
have a dirty Martini, if that’s what you wanna
do and hit the casino but you can balance it, take care of your body, mind and spirit. (clapping) Steve, I know how you
like to fly to Las Vegas and JetSuiteX, they operate
out of Private Hangers, at an affordable price, they
go from Birming to Las Vegas, Private Hanger, no TSA,
it looks like it would be not affordable, if you
treat yourself to something, maybe it’s $20 more one
way, give it a shot, it’s really worth it,
we deserve these things. – So you got one more trip? – I do, I just got back from– – It’s the most baller of them all? – It is the most baller of them all. – Come on, come on! – It is luxurious, it’s their
grand opening just happened. Miraval in Tucson is world famous, Oprah Winfrey hung out
there, Ellen hung out there, and now Miraval has opened
a brand new resort in Austin at Lake Travis and I just got
to go to their grand opening, and what I love about them is
everything is with intention behind it. So whether you’re doing yoga
or learning to throw a hatchet or archery or engaging with horses, everything you do is
mindful so you’re aware of what you’re learning, I
learnt so much about myself on a challenge course, not to mention, the food is outstanding, the
accommodations are awesome, the service is outstanding,
making it what you would call, – Baller.
– Baller. – I like all of that. Phaedra and Shaun, what
do you think of that Miraval in Austin? – Oh my gosh.
– Looks good. – [Steve] Looks pretty good? – Yes. – [Steve] Okay, cool, cause
that’s where you’re going. (cheering) We are sending you on a
three night relaxing getaway to the brand new Miraval,
Austin in Austin, Texas. This all inclusive resort
just opened on February 4th and it offers one-of-a-kind
luxurious spa treatments, yoga and meditation classes
and dozens and dozens of cooking classes. So Phaedra and Shaun, what
do you think about that? – Oh! Excited!
– Alright, we’re ready! – That would be real nice man, that– – Thank you so much.
– Thank you very much. – Alright audience, guess what? A few people in here are
about to win the other trips that Emily was talking about. (cheering) Someone is about to win a
four nights stay at Amansala, eco-chic resort and spa in Tulum, Mexico. You and a guest are going
to experience all inclusive accommodation, massage
treatments, daily yoga, meditation and of course, Bikini Bootcamp. Alright, let’s see who’s going. Stop! (cheering) Okay, what’s your name, ma’am? – My name’s Karen Brown. – Hey Karen Brown, where you from? – I’m from Central New
York, Canandaigua New York. – Well, guess what,
congratulations, have fun in Mexico! Okay, now, we gonna be sending
someone out there and a guest on a three night getaway
to the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. You’re gonna experience
signature suite accommodations, dinner at the T-bones Chophouse and you’ll enjoy a Play
Well RX package at the spa at Red Rock Resort, with
message treatments, acupuncture, facials and more. Airfare provided by JetSuiteX. Alright, lets see who’s going. (cheering) Stop! Alright, what’s your name? – I’m Zuri. – Hey Zuri, where you from? – San Diego. – San Diego, well, guess what,
you’re going to Las Vegas. (cheering) and you’re gonna be flying with JetSuite! I wanna say thanks to Emily
Kaufman, for more information on all the trips we talked about,
head over to We’ll be right back.


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