Transavia chatbot | by Mirabeau

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Technology is accelerating with an
enormous speed and it enables an enormous amount of new digital opportunities. At Mirabeau we explore these opportunities and how they can add value to the business of our clients. With a new generation of
artificial intelligence services that are available today, we can create
conversational interfaces that help people buy products, find information and
use services in a way more intuitive way. For instance through speech and
written text. We expect this technology to have a bigger impact than the smartphone revolution. Our partnership with Microsoft gave us first-hand access to the entire suit of cognitive services available. It offers a wide range of services like natural language understanding facial recognition, emotion detection and many many more. And as soon as we started creating
prototypes with these services we got really excited about the possibilities. and a great example is the chatbot we’ve developed for Transavia which allows users to find flights in a more intuitive way. You see an enormous shift in using
patterns to mostly chat apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger and it proves our philosophy that we need to be where our customers expect us to be. This huge increase in the number of conversations means we have to find ways to serve our customers in an efficient and fast way we cannot only do that by a
human interface So we are investigating in ways of artificial intelligence and chatbots in order to make that happen while not losing our human touch. Currently the chatbot is focused on finding flights but we’re looking to
expand the experience to seat selection managing payments and providing
excellent customer service.


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