Travel Plans & Packing Tips : How to Get Bereavement Airfare

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Hi everyone, I’m Russ Handler, travel expert,
and you know from time to time we all to unfortunately take advantage of what’s known as a bereavement
fare. A bereavement fare is that if you have a loved one or a family member, immediately
family, who has passed away in another city, and you have to get on a short notice air
flight to go to the services, well, that’s called a bereavement fare. In many cases did
you know that the airlines will give you up to fifty percent off, however, if you’re going
to choose a bereavement fare, I first suggest that you check on last minute deals and steals
on the internet to see the cheapest flight that you can get. Then, once you’ve done that,
call the airline direct and call several, okay. You cannot get a bereavement fare on
the internet, but you do want to compare the internet rate to the bereavement rate for
sure, so go ahead and call the airline or airline company directly, tell them you want
a bereavement fare. In some cases they’re going to suggest that you’re going to have
to provide a death certificate or some other evidence of your experience. And that’s okay,
they’ll give you a few days to do that. They understand, and they do this basically out
of the goodness of their heart. In some cases you get can get up to fifty percent off but
you got to call the airline directly, the bereavement fare is not available online.
I’m Russ Handler, and that’s how you do it.


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