Travel Plans & Packing Tips : How to Get Traveler’s Checks

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Hi everyone. I’m Russ Handler, traveler expert.
And if you’re going to be traveling even within your own state traveler’s checks are always
a great way to go. That way if they’re stolen or lost or destroyed you can get your money
back unlike flat out cash or a credit card that could take a couple days at minimum to
get to your destination. So traveler’s checks are a great way to go. What I suggest is that
you get your traveler’s checks from your bank. Your banks will do this easily. You’ll sit
down with your banker that you’re comfortable with. They’ll explain the process and that
is indeed the best way to get your traveler’s check. Another way to do it. American Express
is what I prefer, is to get an American Express Gift Card. This on top of traveler’s checks
will allow you the flexibility to use a card when cash is not accepted. But again this
card can be replaced if lost or stolen. So if you’re going to go ahead and be traveling
please do so not with a lot of cash. Some cash always woks out very well for when you
return to your country or your home town but traveler’s checks are the way to go. They
will be replaced if lost or stolen. And most importantly you will get them from a reputable
place if you go directly to your bank. I’m Russ Handler and that’s how you do it.


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