Travel Plans & Packing Tips : Keeping Money Safe While Traveling Abroad


Hi everyone I’m Russ Handler travel expert
and I’ve traveled all over Europe and one thing that I like to do is I like to keep
my currency and my credit cards and my travelers checks safe and on me at all times. What I
recommend you do is get yourself one centralized wallet. Which will not only hold your cash
and your credit cards, but also your important documents as well. That will all go into one
nifty little place. And look how thin and compact it is. Now second thing and the most
important thing that I could recommend is you get yourself one of these money belts.
Your documents and a few other things fit into it very nicely. It goes around your waist
under your shirt, no one could detect it. It’s virtually pick pocket proof and an excellent
way to keep your money safe. In some cases you may choose to wear this all day long even
you might want to sleep with it if you really want to keep your things straight. Now what’s
nice about this is, it’s cheap, it’s an inexpensive way to keep your documents and your money
safe and it stays right there around your waist, underneath your shirt where no one
can see it. I’m Russ Handler and that’s the best way to do it.


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  1. Brianna B

    June 14, 2015 9:16 am

    I wore this same type money belt on a 3 day trip, riding the bus from east coast to west coast, it stayed wet from my sweat, and was awkward when trying to retrieve anything out of it. It may be fine for a very short trip and if you wont be needing anything out of it while traveling, but i think i'm going to explore other options for future travels.


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