Travel site helps save you hundreds of dollars on international flights

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here’s a silly question how does a vacation sound right about now pretty good maybe Madrid Belize or even Tokyo those sound fantastic actually but prices for international flights can be sky-high consumer reporter Marilyn Moritz tells us about an online company that specializes in finding low-cost international flights and the city we held koalas we got to go see the Kangaroos we went up to the Great Barrier Reef snorkelled rainforests all of like the fun like typical Australia things Irish sportsman likes to wing it especially when she can land a deal on airfare Israel the most recent one that I’ve gotten is from San Antonio to Sydney Australia and that was for seven hundred and forty dollars round trip she saved hundreds of dollars on a deal to downunder she used a website called Scots cheap flights which claims to save you an average $550 for a roundtrip ticket they’re not hidden people can find the deals themselves but it’s like do you want to spend 1216 hours a day looking like we do brian Kidwell is co-founder of the subscription service there’s a free plan and a $49 a year premium plan that gives you more deals here’s how it works you sign up and select your departure airport’s then you just wait for the deals to show up in your inbox I got this one round trip from Austin to Munich $417 that’s about half what you typically see most people look at booking a flight as what dates do I have available where do I want to go and then they start looking but that’s not how you save money if you want to save money you flip it the past deals we found san antonio to mexico city $245 sa to hawaii $275 and sa to scotland $584 all round-trip s for iris she’s ready to take off the next trip that I really want to do is to Greece on her next adventure Marilyn Warren’s he said 12 News


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