Travel Terms You Need to Know: Ghost Fare

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Hey I’m Scott, founder
of Scott’s Cheap Flights. You know, I’ve been obsessed with cheap flights, and over the years, I’ve learned a thing or
two about booking airfare. In this video I want to
talk about ghost fares. What they are, why they happen, and what you should do when you run into one. A ghost fare typically
shows up in one of two ways: Say you’re searching for a flight on a site like Google Flights and you see a great option
for a really cheap flight. You click the outbound flight, you select your return, you’re really excited, but then when you get to the booking page it says, “Call to book.” Unfortunately, when it says call to book, that means that the fare has ghosted. Other times you get to the results page it might not say call to book, but when you click the link to book the price shoots up way higher than what you saw earlier. Both of these scenarios are
sure signs of a ghost fare. Fare ghosting is a lot like getting randomly ghosted on a date, it usually comes without any warning signs. The reason it happens is because flight prices are constantly fluctuating. When you search directly
on an airline site you get the updated results in realtime. But, when you search on
a flight search engine or an OTA, an online travel agency, sometimes the results can be outdated. Unfortunately, once a fare
ghosts it tends to be gone. Sometimes they come back
in maybe 24, 48 hours, but there’s no guarantee. Clearing your cookies isn’t going to help and if you call the airline, frankly, they’re just going to
quote you the higher new price. The good news is that ghost fares are not that common. Our flight experts at
Scott’s Cheap Flights are searching through
thousands of fares everyday, and they’re pretty rare. And when they do find one they make sure not to
send it out to members. You know we make sure that
every deal that we find and send out to our members is one that’s actually bookable, not one that ghosts. On average the deals that we send out are at least $550 per ticket lower than normal price. So if you want to get some of these deals and get them delivered
straight to your inbox, go to Scott’s Cheap Flights, sign up, it would be our honor to send you some flight deals. Thanks everybody for watching, and fingers crossed for
no more ghost fares. See ya’ll.


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