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Whether you’re flying the frugal skies
cruising the high seas of savings, or pinching peso’s in Mexico you can see more of the world for less if you travel like a cheapskate. I’am Jeff Yeager the Ultimate Cheapskate and host of the CheapLife. Are you longing for London? or maybe pining in paris. Classy choices my frugal friends but
since both are notoriously pricey. Travel during the off-season for discounted
airfares, affordable accommodations and best of all smaller crowds and
remember it’s always the off-season somewhere. If you must travel during the peak
periods giving yourself as much flexibility as possible will help you find
the best deals out there. To a Cheapskate cashing in on frequent flyer miles
and credit card reward points is the ultimate rush. Stay CHHHEEEAAAAPPPP! Another way to save on flights and maybe even
fly for free is to do the bumb! Sometimes airlines overbooked flights and they’ll offer a free ticket or other perks to anyone willing to give up there seat
can catch the next plane. I personally jumb at the bumb! Packed flights, busy hubs and those oh so lovely connections are a traveler’s nightmare but they can’t get cheap
skate’s best friend. So don’t be afraid to jump at the bump! Got your own money-saving travel tips leave them in the comments section below
for chance to win my new book. “How to retire the Cheapskate way”. When you retire like a cheapskate you’ll have
plenty of time and money for travel. I have no reservations about traveling
without reservations although I usually book something for
the first night or two, to nurse my jet lag. After that, I talk to locals who point me in the direction of wonderful local
and of course cheap places to stay. Cheapskates also love cruising their way to savings. Many cruise lines offer repositioning cruise’s at a dirt cheap fare’s so they can move
their fleets around the globe to accommodate seasonal markets. The cruise itself is only one way so either you have to find another way there or another way home but the savings is often worth it. Hey
it’s time for another Cheapskate Shoutout! Travel blogger Tim Leffel suggests renting
a bike when you travel for cheap sightseeing and transportation. That’s a
cheapskate double doozy, good idea Tim! One of the best things about travel is
of course the food. But the cost of eating out adds up
quickly especially when you don’t have the benefit of your fully stocked cheapskate
pantry. Opt for lunch rather than dinner at that fancy, schmancy resturant you’ve been
dying to try and your meal might cost only half as much. If you’re in an unfamiliar place and
looking for a good meal or the hottest night spots, remember the three l’s LOOK for LINES of LOCALS. Wherever local folks hang out your likely to find the best values and get a true taste uh… or sip of what a place is really like. And my
last tip for the globetrotting cheapskate traveler. Whatever you do don’t throw that away. The bladder from inside a five litter box of wine… Makes a perfect inflatable travel pillow. and trust me when you get on an airplane and start to blow one of these babies up. The big guy in the seat next to
you is going to immediately move to another seat so you’ll have all the
more room to stretch out. Travel far and travel frugal my friend’s
Stay Cheap! A big cheapskate congratulations to C. Cruz. The winner of our Giblets and leftover challenge. Your nifty idea to use Giblets to make dog biscuits. Makes you the winner of our fifty dollar gift card. Make sure you check out
my other video’s. Leave a comment and let me know what you
think of our show.


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