Traveling Tips for Touring Musicians : Air Travel Tips for Touring Musicians

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Now if you’re traveling and you’re trying
to travel on a budget, the most important thing that you can do is try to find some
good deals. In my opinion, the best way to find deals on airplane tickets is by using There are a number of other services. You can check them out. You can check out
all of the places where you can book Internet tickets. But the best way to do that, I’ve
found because it combines all those others into one, is this place. When you
look up and search for a ticket you can just type in where you want to go, what you want
to do, which dates. Sometimes I reference it by using another specific airline once
I found it because they’re a little bit more flexible, they’ll give you like a window where
you can find deals. But a lot of times when you’re traveling, flying during the week instead
of on weekends is going to be cheaper than flying on weekends. So you always want to
try to schedule your travel dates for something like that where you don’t have to be trying
to fly on a Sunday or Saturday. Either way, check all those days. Don’t just check the
one day that you think you have to travel on. Be flexible with your travel dates and
you’ll get a lot of great deals. The other thing that you need to know about planning
airline tickets is that you need to join with all the frequent flier mile clubs that you
can. Just join with them all because those miles will accrue and they don’t expire most
of the time. There’s a couple airlines that they may expire on. But as you’re accruing
all those miles, well suddenly you start getting free tickets to places. That cuts down on
your travel costs a lot. And then people are still paying for you to fly places. You just
include it in your booking fee and you’re traveling on miles. What a great way to save
some money.


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