TRIP REPORT | American Airlines AA125 | Dallas to Hong Kong | Boeing 777-300ER | ECONOMY CLASS


Good morning everyone from Dallas/Fort
Worth International Airport. I just arrived here in Terminal A a few minutes
ago and I’m off to Terminal D to catch my next flight. To get there I’ll take a
ride on DFW Airport’s people-mover train: the SkyLink. My time here in DFW is
short as I have just a 90 minute connection time here before embarking on
my second of three flights on this long journey to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Today
I’ll be taking the longest flight in American Airlines’ route network and
one of the top 20 longest flights in the world: American Airlines flight 125
nonstop from Dallas to Hong Kong. Our flight departs from gate D23 which
sadly doesn’t provide any good views of our Boeing 777-300ER aircraft
today. Boarding began at 9:50am and after a quick passport check at the gate,
we’re on board. American’s 777-300ER seats 304 passengers: with 8 seats
in First Class, 52 in Business Class, 28 seats in Premium
Economy, 28 in Main Cabin Extra, and 188 seats in Main Cabin. My seat today is 27L, one of the 188 standard economy seats on the 777-300ER. Each seat comes
equipped with a personal entertainment screen, an extendable remote control, a
universal power outlet, traytable, seat pocket, and 31 inches of seat pitch. All
passengers are also greeted by a blanket and pillow once you reach your seat. Inside the seat pocket you’ll find the
air sickness bag, the 777-300ER safety card, and an “American Way” magazine. American’s 777 economy class is laid
out in the standard 3-4-3 configuration with seats having 31 to 32
inches of legroom and a tight 17 inches of width. At first it didn’t seem too bad
but then again I have to spend the next 16 hours in this seat.
Just a quick FYI: whenever you book a flight, be sure to sign up for the free
text reminders. I was constantly receiving text alerts for my flights
during the trip which was very helpful. Before pushback the flight attendants came around passing out earphones for the in-flight entertainment. To be honest
these are pretty pathetic especially when you compare these to the headphones
that other airlines provide on their long-haul routes. Also I forgot to
mention but today we’re on board N735AT, a 3.8 year old Boeing 777-323ER delivered to American in February 2016 and the
second-youngest 777 in the entire fleet. As we pushed back, the safety video was played twice. First, it was played in English followed by the Cantonese version shortly after. After a relatively quick taxi to the
runway, we sat on the threshold for a few minutes. During this time I really tried
to mentally prepare myself for these next 16 hours in the air. This would be
the longest fight that I’ve ever been on and I very clearly remember saying to
myself, “I’m not ready for this”. Now that we’ve taken off let’s go ahead and check out the in-flight entertainment system.
American offers an extensive list of movies from a variety of genres,
including a good selection available in other languages. There’s also a nice
amount of TV shows, four being live channels. You can also listen to music
and play games. Here’s the “Hospitality” feature which I still can’t yet figure
out the purpose of, it just lists all the beverages available on the flight.
There’s a seat chat feature available on the IFE and lots of flight information,
however I’ll only go over the maps in this video. The moving map feature on this flight was a little laggy but nothing too bad. The map features six viewing options and currently it’s set on “Autoplay”. Here’s
the “Flight Preview” which shows a general overview of our flight path. Next up is the “Total Route” view which is
exactly what it sounds like, followed by the “Midflight” view. You can zoom in on the map it’s just
like you would on your mobile device. Next up is the “Overhead” view, again
pretty self-explanatory, and finally the “Window Seat” view. This view is pretty
cool because it shows you both the pilot’s perspective of the route with the
heads-up display along with the window seat perspective. There’s a
separate folder for kids’ movies, TV shows, and music which makes it easier for kids
to find something that they want to watch. Finally one feature that I forgot to cover in the last report was the
“E-Reader” where you can read some different magazines such as “American Way”,
“Nexos”, and “Celebrated Living”. Overall, American provides a very well-stocked
in-flight entertainment system which is sure to keep you entertained, even
onboard this flight which is the longest one in their network. Just 18 minutes
after takeoff, the cabin crew came around to start the snack service. They first
passed out hot towels along with the usual pretzels. While waiting for the drinks to come
around, I began my first movie. One really annoying downside to watching movies on
American is that you’re forced to sit through a few advertisements before the
movie even starts and unfortunately this happens every single time you want to
watch something, not just the first time. 15 minutes after snacks were passed out
the crew came by again to pass out drinks and I decided to go for a Sprite
this time. Free Wi-Fi was available on the flight
however you had to pay for Internet access. I tried purchasing the Flight Duration Pass because $19 for a 16-hour flight
isn’t all that bad. But unfortunately the connection was
poor and the payment took forever to get through, so I just ended up canceling it
altogether. I’ve heard many complaints about the tight 3-4-3 configuration in
economy, and already at just 45 minutes into the flight, my 5ft 11 self was
really starting to feel the tight squeeze. Now even with my backpack in front the small space of the seat wasn’t entirely
unbearable but it was still quite hard to stay comfortable just by sitting
there. About an hour after takeoff, it’s time for the main meal service. If I
remember correctly there were two or three options and I chose the Spicy Tofu
with rice and vegetables. This was served alongside plastic cutlery, salt and
pepper packets, a bottle of water, a bread roll and some butter, chopsticks which
were pretty cool to see, and a dessert which we’ll look at later.
All of this was served on a plastic tray with a Hong Kong-themed placemat. The main course was pretty okay, it wasn’t
the best food I’ve ever had but it wasn’t bad either. I was pretty hungry so
I completely demolished the entire meal. Here’s the dessert which was some sort
of chocolate cake with a cherry filling. Now I don’t know about you guys, actually
pause the video right here. I don’t know about you guys but I like having
chocolate cake with just chocolate in it. If you put fruit in the chocolate cake
it (I don’t know if it’s just me) but I feel like that messes with the flavors
and it just ruins the whole chocolate cake. DON’T PUT FRUIT in the chocolate
cake just leave the chocolate cake with chocolate. Let me know your thoughts in
the comments below, do you think chocolate cake tastes better with just
chocolate or does it taste better with fruit? In my personal opinion I think it
tastes better with just chocolate. Don’t put fruit in it because that just messes
up the flavor and it doesn’t really give a good taste. So unfortunately I can’t
give full marks on the dessert but hey, at least the chocolate portions of it
were nice and it was still a good meal overall. One of the coolest parts of the
flight was flying directly over Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately I couldn’t see
the monument for my seat but it was still awesome to have captured this
moment from the moving map. We’re about two hours into the flight at
this moment and having been up for almost 10 hours now, I decided to get
some sleep. I woke up two hours later to see that we were flying over Canada and
while it’s broad daylight outside, it’s a completely different scene in the cabin.
The dark setting of the cabin is a good time to show you the IFE’s
motion-sensitive feature. Whenever you wave your hand in front of the screen,
the headphone jack and USB port light up making it easier to locate these ports
during the dark. I figured that because I’ve been sitting
for a good seven hours now it’s time to get up and move around a little. Here’s a
quick shot of the cabin with most passengers either making good use of
their IFE or getting some rest. I was able to grab this quick shot of one of the bulkhead monitor screens showing us still flying over Alaska but also
showing that we would soon be crossing the International Date Line. Here’s a
quick look inside one of the economy class lavatories, so quick that didn’t
even bother locking the door. The lavatories were clean and well-kept,
nothing much else to say. Self-service snack stations are set up in the galley
with extra drinks and leftover snacks for anyone that’s still hungry. I hung
out here for a little bit before finally returning to my seat just in time to
catch us passing by the northernmost town in America: Barrow, Alaska! Because of this flight’s polar route
it never gets fully dark. This is just about as dark as it’ll get on this
flight before the sun rises again. Halfway through the flight the crew
passed out the mid-flight snack. This consisted of a Margherita pizza roll
with Caramel Gelato and water as my choice of drink. The gelato was
surprisingly soft and not served rock solid hard which was nice in the pizza
roll was tasty as well. Overall a pretty nice mid-flight snack. I fell asleep
again and woke up two hours later to find us flying over Russia. It’s broad
daylight outside once again and it’ll stay this way until we land in Hong Kong. I didn’t film anything until four hours
later when the cabin lights came on for the breakfast service. We’re hitting some light turbulence over China with two hours left in the flight.
At the time I didn’t realize the significance of this clip as just two
months after I shot this, that city right in the middle of the map: Wuhan, China,
would be at the center of the enormous coronavirus outbreak which as of now has
affected over 80,000 people worldwide. Many airlines have suspended
flights to Hong Kong and China because of this, American being one of them. As a
matter of fact this very flight is suspended until April. My thoughts and
prayers go out to everyone who’s been affected by this horrible disease. About
90 minutes prior to landing, breakfast was served. There were three options
again and I chose the fruit plate which was pretty basic.
This was served with yogurt, a fig bar, some granola, and water once again as my drink. The next hour or so went by very quickly and in no time we begin our
initial descent into Hong Kong. Our approach into Hong Kong this
afternoon would initially have us descend over the Chinese Special
Administrative Region of Macau. We would then do a series of turns over the South
China Sea before finally coming into land on Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok Airport’s
RWY 07L. After a good 16 hours in the air, welcome
to Hong Kong! As we taxi to the gate it’s time to conclude my thoughts on this
flight. Basically, I was satisfied. The entertainment options were great, the
crew were efficient, the seat while not the most comfortable was still somewhat
bearable, and the flight itself was mostly smooth with very little
turbulence. In conclusion, American is doing fine with
their long-haul routes and their 777-300ER is a great flagship aircraft
for the airline. I would definitely choose to fly American long-haul again,
but more likely on a shorter flight to Europe than an ultra long-haul to Asia. Thanks so much for tuning into my
longest trip report and flight yet. If you enjoyed please be sure to leave a
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now and I’ll see you next time!


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  1. Pilot In Cmnd 1

    February 29, 2020 7:28 pm

    Absolutely beautiful video and trip report!!! Thank you for letting us ride along and sharing the experience!!! Looks like this was a fun adventure ( well maybe except for the chocolate cake, lol )! All the best from the west coast of Florida USA!!!

  2. Canadian Productions

    February 29, 2020 9:05 pm

    Woohoo, I loved this video, it’s great seeing you on the longest flight in American. I do agree that chocolate cake with fruit ruins it.Great video.

  3. ALB Spotter

    March 1, 2020 12:36 am

    Amazing trip report! I flew on American’s 777-200 from JFK-MXP (trip report on my channel) and it was okay, but now like the 300ER!

  4. NYC Flyer

    March 1, 2020 6:48 am

    Ouch! I don’t think I could have done that seat for 16 hours. You’re a brave man! And I agree, it’s really annoying when airlines force you to watch ads before a movie.

  5. Triple7 lover

    March 1, 2020 9:47 am

    Another fantastic trip report buddy 👌 and ya chocolate cake on its own ftw 😅 if you want fruit just have that separately 😂😂


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