UB’s ‘flight simulator’ for teachers

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[ UB’s flight simulator for teachers ] [ Rebekah Lamb, Enterprise Charter School ] Normally, the classroom teacher will take
control of the classroom and won’t give it fully to the student teacher, so this helps
it so that the student teacher has the full role of classroom management without the classroom
teacher interfering. [ Richard Lamb, Associate Professor, UB Graduate School of Education ] Working here today at Enterprise really helped
us understand the challenges that the teachers face every day in the classroom and gives
us the opportunity to make use of the creative and innovative ways that they work with the
children here at Enterprise. [ Elisabeth Etopia, Director, Graduate School of Education, Teacher Education Institute ] I want for my UB Students that are in the
teacher education program to have as much experience in classrooms prior to working
in them when they go out into the field and look for jobs. And part of that is providing clinical experiences
prior to what they typically get. How soon can we push it in? And so, virtual reality allows us to have students
in a simulated environment practicing skills that they need for the classroom before they
ever work with real students. [ Richard Lamb ] Enterprise Charter School is one of Buffalo’s
oldest charter schools, in working with the University at Buffalo
to help build a relationship around making things better for the students, making
things better for the teachers and really working on innovative teaching techniques
and the incorporation of educational technologies. [ Etopia ] Prior to student teaching, the experience
students get practicing teaching is usually with similarly aged peers. Somebody who’s in college doesn’t necessarily
know how a thirteen year old is going to respond, how a four year old is going to respond. So virtual reality allows us to see actual
students and actual behaviors so that we’re responding to what really happens in classrooms
rather than acting out how we think it might be [ Richard Lamb ] Foresight and embrace of virtual reality allowed us to move from the laboratory at the University at Buffalo back into the school setting, which
is so important because oftentimes at the university level we develop things and we
have to figure out how to apply them. By coming here and opening their doors to
us, Enterprise has allowed us to solve a problem that is often an issue within research and
that is how do we apply the research to the actual practice? [ University at Buffalo Logo ]
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