uChoose Rewards for Platinum Credit Cards

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Our Platinum credit cards provide a
sweet reward. You shop. You earn. You Choose Rewards. It’s that simple. With uChoose Rewards you can shop and earn reward points on any purchase made with
your Firefighters First Platinum credit card. You can redeem your points for gift
cards, airline tickets, electronics and much more. But the best value is
redeeming for cashback. The next time you plan a vacation
we recommend researching the best travel deals online and then paying for your
vacation with your Firefighters First Platinum credit card. This will earn you
a ton of reward points that you can then redeem for one percent cashback to help
pay down the cost of your vacation. It’s that easy. When you choose to redeem your points for one percent cashback a credit will post to your statement, just like
making a payment. Visit the visa Rewards page on the Firefighters First website
to get started. Firefighters First it’s yours.


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