ULTIMATE Guide To The High Line in NYC (20 Things To See & Walking Tour) !

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What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon Coming to you from the Meatpacking District of Manhattan And we’re standing in front of the High Line Which many tourists consider a must visit When you come to New York City So to help you out We’re going to be sharing the History What to do And even some insider tips Here we go the Ultimate Guide To Visiting the High Line Guys make sure to check out or other New York City Playlists Linked down below in the description Let’s go Your first quesiton might be What is the High Line? It’s a 1.45 Mile Elevated Greenway Running from the Meatpacking District All the way to Hudson Yards It has over 500 species of Plants, Trees, Plenty of art And a whole lot to do This is 10th Ave And in the mid 19th century it was known as Death Avenue Because so many people were hit by trains that were running right through here In fact it got so bad They had to hire actual cowboys who they called Westside Cowboys To be riding in front of the trains With flags to warn people About incoming trains And they still needed to do something else The solution was the high line A higher train track Which would run parallel to the West Side of Manhattan The first trains started running in 1933 to deliver freight to the many factories along the way And it had its boom up until the 1960s When trucking started to make the trains here obsolete It had it’s last ride in 1980 And then it sat dormant For over 20 years And in fact if you were coming here in the 90’s Or most of the 2000’s You would have just seen an overgrown abandoned train track A non-profit group called the Friends of the High Line Fought hard to have this area preserved And in 2009 after 3 years of construction The Highline was opened to the public And 10 years later it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in New York City In fact it was actually inspired by the Promenade Plantee In Paris Which opened in 1993 And is pretty similar in concept I highly recommend you download the app called the High Line All of the art installations Nature, the look out points All that information is on here It’s going to make your trip a lot more informative If you’re interested Heck I’m going to take a lot of the information for this video From the app This is the first stop on our tour The Tiffany and Co. foundation overlook You can just peek your head out and see the Meatpacking District And the Whitney Museum to our right We are standing in front of Hector’s Cafe an diner Which is open 24 hours And the reason i’m pointing this out Is because this diner has a lot of cinema history In fact, all of the diner scenes in the movie Taxi Driver With Robert DiNiro Were shot inside It’s been featured in Law and Order And in the 1930’s It used to open up at 2 o’clock in the morning So that the employees of the neighborhood meatpacking plants Could come in and have a meal. One of the first places you walk on the High Line Is called the Gansevoort Woodland And it looks a little bit nicer with perfect fall foliage But something to note Is when you look out to the side You see one of the only remaining meatpacking plants Down there This area used to be full of them Hence the name Meatpacking District This is one of my favorite art exhibits on the Highline It’s called 4 Arches And as you walk by each of the four arches It’s supposed to symbolize a different season Very cool This is the 14th Street Passage And while you may not notice it if you’re walking on the right side If you come to the left side They have a projector going It’s called the High Line channel And they showcase a lot of different artists on there If the weather’s nice It’s a little cold today But you know sit down and enjoy.. whatever they’ve got going on screen Alright guys it is cold out But I assure you.. on a nice warm day This is the spot you want to come To sunbathe This is called the Dillver Von Furstenberg sun deck And water feature I think it’s most well known for these amazing chairs To just relax But they call it the water feature as well Because during the warmer months
There’s water running on the other side You see little kids Sometimes running over it Playing with it And they put that special feature there because when this was actually a working rail road track Water would naturally accumulate there So it was.. a little bit of a homage to that Right behind me is the Chelsea Market Passageway And that’s what this area is most well known for Chelsea Market The most famous food market in New York CIty Highly recommend you visit just to stop by Los Tacos No.1 The best tacos not in New York City But in Manhattan But did you know that this whole area here Used to be owned by the National Biscuit Company Also known as.. Nabisco Where legend has it The oreo cookie was invented Right here Unfortunately, they left the area in 1959 To move to.. Fair Lawn, NJ Where Ironically enough, I was born and raised Right over the Hudson River A little history for you guys We are at the 10th Ave Square and the Overlook This is probably my favorite spot on the entire High Line Just because it takes people watching to the next level You look through the glass here And you’re staring down on 10th Avenue And you just see regular New York City life From above It’s a different perspective And truth be told It’s like live theater Right on the High Line Very cool stuff It’s ridiculous i’m just getting to famous When you walk up the steps from the Overlook
Turn left And there’s a really cool little view Of the Statue of Liberty in the distance A lot of people don’t even realize it This is an interesting part of the High Line It’s called Chelsea Thicket A couple of really neat things going on One is.. you see the rail road tracks very distinctly Running next to it You’ve got trees growing directly over the tracks And you also have a lot of the leaves from the trees Hanging down below So it gives you a feeling Like you’re walking through a forest Definitley one of my favorite pathes On the High Line A lot of people are stopping here To stare at this clock Which actually doesn’t have any numbers on it It’s called Silent Agitator And the clock says organization It actually speaks to the rights of Industrial Workers around the world And I think it’s pretty neat We’re at the Falcone Flyover And I find one thing super distinctive about this little two-block stretch Look how big these leaves are Falling off the trees You basically.. come face to face with the trees As you’re walking here And if you look on either side you might just see Some really cool art installations As we’re passing Chelsea Which is.. one of the biggest art districts in the entire city This is the 26th Street Viewing Spur A lot of people are taking photos here You can overlook 10th Ave and 26th But it’s actually designed in a way where they used to hang billboards here Over the highline When it wasn’t in use Like it is right now It kind of brings back that effect a little bit We’ve reached the Crossroads of the High Line This is actually the widest part of the park And the X right here This bench signifies where the path goes from North to South To east to west It’s very subtle Most people don’t even realize it’s here And also behind me you have the Shed Which is the newest and like the hottest New spot to see performances in New York City And we’re going to be approaching the Vessel really soon as well At Hudson Yards Guys we’re standing in front of the Spur Which is the final part of the High Line To be open And ironically enough It’s actually closed the entire weekend We can’t really show you it But it extends that way And when it’s open You can see Skyscrapers They also are going to have a lot of art exhibits over there These are the Pershing Square Beams And this is really just a place for kids To run around And go over or under the beams I guess it feels like you’re playing at a rail road track In a safe way of course If you have kids Bring them right here I love the Highline And I Love how the Landscape changes Depending on what street you’re on As we’re approaching the end We’re at the interim walkway There’s some crazy Soviet sounding music playing But if you look here You see what the High Line would have looked like In the 90’s and the 2000’s When it didn’t have any use When it was abandoned And it gives you that kind of a vibe It’s wild and it blends into the landscape This is one of my new favorite spots to come on the High Line for sure Of course you have this amazing view of the Vessel in the distance Everybody is stopping to take a picture If you don’t know what the Vessel is It’s at Hudson Yards We did a whole video explaining it Check that video out For details on how to get inside of it Totally worth a trip And the High Line well.. It’s totally worth the walk We made it 22 blocks we’re at the end The CSX Transportation gate The only spot on the High Line That’s at Street Level And I barely broke a sweat I mean.. what a scenic walk And although this is one of the most touristy things to do in New York City Honestly I love what they have done to the High Line Turning something abandoned Into something that the public can come and enjoy With all the art and all the nature here This is a can’t miss when you come to New York City Guys tell me down below in the comments What you think about the High Line What is your favorite thing to do here? I’m curious And also make sure to check out our other New York City playlist All linked down below In the description Special thanks to my camera guy Ben Thank you for watching Until next time I think i’m done man You do the rest of the video Leave me..leave me


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