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Hey everybody it’s Damon, It’s Jo and it’s Damon and Jo We’re at New York Fashion Week People are going to think I’m paparazzi like with all these cameras We’re taking you with us today ok? – So many beautiful girls! So many beautiful people. So stylish! It’s crazy! Beautiful personalities, Beautiful people! Girls..100% – you know what I mean, you 100% woman! Ok but there were men there too, huh? Men? Hotties! There’s another show going on before and after the show. It’s a show with people. Ok you know all these photos on Instagram and all these blogs of celebrities and they’re all in front of a “step and repeat” like this one You’re like this normally, like “it’s ugly” when there’s a machine that goes by Only the photo gives the appearance that you’re in a chic place Because normally it looks like this. Woowoo! Damn Ok normally — “Watch out!” (Paris metro reference) All the people they ‘zoomé’ in? (amazing fringlish) I’m not prepared to walk around NY! Do you know my favorite designer? Goodwill. Bah you ain’t gotta tell me! There you have it. Damon Dominique who just got out of a show! Where are your clothes from?! Well if you want to know.. The pants, these are from Goodwill It’s an American second-hand store Ok how much did that cost? $7..oh wow! That’s super luxurious huh? Yeah, it’s cool huh! And the sweater is Italian. Wow ! From the American second-hand store as well WoW! And how much did it cost? This cost 3 dollars 3 dollars??? WOW The blazer is stylish! OK it actually comes from Zara, but I bought it at Goodwill for $5. So in all, $20? Ok so let’s go ! Ah Jo, Jo Franco! Your clothes! Where are they from??! My pants are from Goodwill and cost me $7…very chic and luxurious. The shoes costed about $30 with the soles They’re super luxurious ! It’s $30 though. Before, it was $80! And then, my shirt was $5 Forever 21. And this? This isn’t mine, it’s my roommate’s, Paige. And this is the same thing..it’s not mine But we wear things that aren’t ours because it’s free! Tomorrow’s “French Friday” so that means we have a laptop with us So that means after the show, we need to go edit this video So we’re playing with the time! As we’re wearing super luxurious clothes, we need to work in a place, rather luxurious. I work here! These are all my friends.. “hey!” We all went to Paris Fashion Week Ya ya!I will join you! Ah my gosh! Maybe that’s the cafe It’s a private party? Those are pretty, the fake plants It’s not working here This isn’t the place. *two hours later in a basic af cafe* Tourist alert! We’re here and we’re going here! Next we’re going – NEXT! – NEXT! I’ve watched your channel for 2 years That’s a good fan! See you later! Thanks! Bye! We started speaking Spanish and everything changed in my head because Spanish is not my language..French neither Do you want to take the metro? Ok, well you need to look at all the changes/connections Connections… Even with New Yorkers who speak English, even us, we can’t understand this! It’s ridiculous We’re Damon and Jo and we’re going to the.. Oh, okay that was easy Don’t move ! The elevator ! 32nd floor baby! High fashion! My ears! They have poppé (??) This is mine The 2 “big eaters” who eat in the corner It’s so beautiful, no? That’s me in life. I risk a lot but always satisfied! (laughs) I can’t believe we are here! New Jersey And now the question, are we going to take an Uber Pool or Uber X? This is us! We’re going to our next show now. I’m..exhausted. Actually, I’m not tired at all. I think I’m… I’m exhausted. After this, I’m going to edit 7 videos! (laughs) You see it’s already evening that — What? I didn’t finish my sentence.. I know, I’m waiting It’s already nighttime which means it’s already almost morning time in France I know, that means it’s almost “French Friday” and we haven’t started.. We haven’t even finished the video! When you’re the last in line.. We arrived at the next show! I want to say something. I’m not a woman of fashion..that’s for sure! But today, I started to appreciate a little more of the art! You have this thing in high school for example you study philosophy, literature all that Not even high school, because when you’re like, 7 years old, You already know how to express and explain artwork Like style.. They know already how to speak French. You appreciate art, and we appreciate that you appreciate that! (music) Oh pretty! So beautiful! That’s all! It’s finished! Ok well we’ll do the conclusion right here Alright people, what did you think? It was your first “fashion week”!! It’s not my first, because I already worked at one for my PR internship I was the girl with the programs who greeted people and said “welcome!” Was it you who said yes or no to people to enter No, that wasn’t me BUT I was the girl who walked on the red carpet with the models And the stars.. We don’t want you to watch this and think, “Oh I’d love to do that” We’ve been doing this work for 7 years! 7 years! 6 years I volunteered for 7 exactly events and it was me who said, “Ah Damon and Jo, would you like to sit over here?” So it’s cool to start at 0 and see that it can really happen. And with that, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! And also comment below what you thought of fashion week! And if you got connections with Paris Fashion week..we’re there then! We’ll be there! We’ll see you next time! kisses, bye! The camera’s in the trash can! (laughs) It’s literally in the trash can! Ready to eat I’m scared! Reality Honey, I have a gift! Yes, my dear!


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