United Airlines Flights Dublin and Shannon to New York – 20 Years


(electro symphonic music) – A big year and a great year, 20 years in serving the
Republic of Ireland. It’s been a great market for
United, continues to be that, and we continue to
demonstrate that in our flying both out of Dublin and out of Shannon. It’s these milestones
which are so important, that show and prove both
to the leisure customer and the corporate market, that we’re here, and we’re here to stay. We’re not some kind of come
in and go out operator, we are dependable and we
have a dependable offer that serves key, strong, vibrant hubs within the United network. And we show that by our service
out of Dublin to Washington, our service in the summer
out of Dublin to Chicago, and of course our year-round
service on New York which we’ve been doing
for the last 20 years. And we’re delighted to go back into the Shannon-New York
market from early March, and continue to service that market as we’ve the West Coast for 20 years. It’s a great year in Ireland,
and we’ll be also celebrating the same in Scotland; 20 years
of flying out of Scotland, both out of Glasgow and out of Edinburgh. So there will be a lot of party cake. (electro symphonic music)


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  1. Michael Collins

    April 23, 2018 7:03 am

    20 years. That went fast. I would have thought it was longer. Well done all the United team.


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