Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Downtown Vancouver by Skytrain | Tourist Information

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Vancouver ( BC), Canada. Vancouver International
Airport Arrival Information, and to Downtown by Train and to Downtown by Train. The Vancouver International Airport is
located in Richmond, British Columbia, a suburb of Vancouver (BC). Richmond is about eight miles from
downtown Vancouver Once you disembark your plane, follow
the signs for Arrival. Most International flights will arrive in the main terminal. All signs are in English, French, and
sometimes Chinese International connections to the United
States are clearly marked. You will go through immigration, baggage
claim, and customs before arriving at the Arrival Hall. At the Arrival Hall, you will find
an information center, cafes, money exchange, restroom, and travel help to other parts of
British Columbia. Near the exit, you will see a small booth by the escalator. It has transportation information to
Whistler and Victoria (BC). All ground transportation to downtown Vancouver is
available right as you exit the Arrival Hall There’s a taxi queue to the left Once you pass the taxi queue, and cross the
street you’ll see a bus stop and shuttle stop to your right. across the street to the parking garage. You’ll see signs for car rentals and
also for the Skytrain. Follow the signs up to the fourth floor for the Skytrain. The Canada Line is Vancouver’s Rapid
Transit rail link train to downtown also known as Skytrain This is a convenient and economical way
to downtown Vancouver (BC) Purchase your tickets using the compass
vending machines at the light rail gate Tickets will cost about 10 Canadian
dollars per adult. The first train departs the airport at 5:07 AM and the
last train departs the airport at 12:56 AM It will take about 30 minutes to
downtown There are 12 stops, nine in the Vancouver
downtown area. When you arrive to exit the train station, cabs are usually
available at the train station exit Happy Travels. Go to for
more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on YouTube and be sure to
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