VASAviation’s Solo Flight on the Socata TB-9 Tampico!

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La Morgal traffic, ECEUS rolling on runway 10 for the pattern and touch and goes. I have Guti in sight. Final clear, runway is clear. Flaps 1, mixture rich, carb heat off, fuel pump off. 500 feet, right side clear. Turning right crosswind 10, EUS. 80 knots on right crosswind. Turning right downwind 10, EUS. INSTRUCTOR: Hello, how are you? Hellooooo! INSTRUCTOR: What are you doing? Right downwind 10, EUS. INSTRUCTOR: Sounds good! Don’t distract me, you bad boy! Abeam the runway, speed check… Flaps 1. We’re heading 260… 80 knots. Mixture reach, carb heat off, Flaps 1, fuel pump off and the gear is down. Turning right base 10, EUS. Final clear. 80 knots… On final runway 10, EUS for touch and go. 80 knots now… Landing checklists: Mixture rich, carb heat off, fuel pump off, landing gear down. Ruway is clear, Guti in sight. 80 knots… 80 knots… Runway is made, power to IDLE. Speed check, full thrust… 60 knots, rotate. Positive rate… gear up. INSTRUCTOR: Awesome! Well… right side clear… Pattern altitude… thrust reduction. Right downwind 10, EUS. Asturias, it’s ECEUS. LEAS TWR: ECEUS, go ahead. EUS, we’re on the right downwind runway 10 at La Morgal and this will be full stop landing – landing assure. LEAS TWR: ECEUS, copy that, landing assure at La Morgal, see ya! We’re gonna do full flaps landing. Turning base and final 10, EUS. Final 10 for full stop, EUS. INSTRUCTOR: Hellooo! VAS: Helloo! INSTRUCTOR: Goooodddd!! Very gooodd! INSTRUCTOR: Awesome! Doing backtrack 10, EUS. INSTRUCTOR: Fantastic! VAS: Thank you, Pater! BOMBEROS: La Morgal traffic, Bomberos 01 at the heli pad, taking off from runway 04 turning 180º to the right Good morning, it’s EUS doing backtrack runway 10. Wooh! Did it! 1,000 RPM… BOMBEROS: Bomberos 01 crossing QMS of runway 10.


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