VIRGIN Australia B737 BUSINESS class: VA1446 Gold Coast to Adelaide

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good day and welcome to Gold Coast
Australia so today I’m gonna do a voiceover for my friend Jayden because
he’s got a sore throat anyway we’ve just arrived at Gold Coast from Hong Kong
with Hong Kong Airlines trip report for that flight is now available link is up
there and also in the description now we’re gonna make our way to Virgin
Australia flight Va1446 to Adelaide international and domestic flights
arrive and depart in the same terminal Gold Coast Airport so it’s really
convenient passengers with jetlag you can find the check-in counters for Virgin
right next to the exit or the immigration the terminals are quite
crowded probably because school holidays are coming to an end and people making
their way home the terminal is not massive so it’s a short walk to the
Virgin lounge you can make your own sandwich and cereal for brekky this
tiny lounge there is also a barista dealing with 20 people craving for their
coffee it’s pretty much like a Qantas Club Lounge the shower suite here looks
quite nice it would be nicer if they have a toilet installed here the only
horrible thing is that there’s no shower curtain allowing water to go everywhere
after you’ve taken a shower nonetheless this lounge offers some nice
tarmac view that’s a tigerair a320 pushing back for Sydney in the middle
you have a jetstar Dreamliner heading to Tokyo Narita and behind it it’s the
plane that took us here and it will lead back to Hong Kong via Cairns this is a
virgin 737-800 but it’s not the one that will bring us to adelaide now we’re boarding virgin Boeing 737-800
vh-yfp our seat for today’s flight is 2a there
are two rows of business class and it’s a two by two configuration so if you do
math that’s two cubes that’s eight seats in total
every business cost in is nineteen point five inches wide as a seat pitch of 37
inches for your reference the person filming this is quite sure 178
centimeters tall 5 foot 10 the seat also comes in 5 inches reclined compared to
only 4 inches in the economy class underneath the cocktail table there’s
another cocktail table which is frankly quite useless with a welcome drink there
was champagne water and juice as mentioned by the in-flight supervisors
there’s free Wi-Fi on the plane we’ll test it out after takeoff as you can see there’s mood lighting on
this 737 and it’s certainly a nice thing to have let’s check out the seat pocket there is
a safety card a virgin Australia magazine a Wi-Fi leaflet an
airsickness bag for you if you definitely hate my voice but we all don’t…….. now the Wi-Fi is quite slow as you can
see but it doesn’t really matter if you do not have your own electronic device
you can also look out the window to free before we start eating let’s take
out the tray table which is hiding in the armrest everything comes in two trays so here we
have a top-notch quiche and then some bread and a nice bowl of
fruit yohurt a very delightful meal with virgin australia there are three lavatories on board
toward the back for economy class passengers and one at the front for
cockpit crew and Business Class passengers nothing special here
just a standard looking toliet we’re now approaching Adelaide and it’s very bumpy
now let’s conclude our short flight with Virgin Australia right here right now
the lounge at Gold Coast is quite tiny and the selection of food is limited but
those transferring from long-haul international flights will appreciate
the shower suite the flight itself was great food was awesome
the recliner seat was good enough for a two to three hours flight and the crew
were chatty and friendly now thank you so much for watching I’ll shut up and
let you enjoy the landing if you love my voice please support
Jayden’s patreon page so I can do more voiceovers for him they’d be a link in
the patreon page in the comment section down below also don’t forget to follow
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