Virgin Australia Sydney to Cairns B737-800 Economy


I am at Sydney Domestic Airport just
about to fly on Virgin Australia to Cairns on board their Boeing 737. It has
been a wild and windy weekend in Sydney with high winds causing loads of flights
to be cancelled on Friday and many flights today being delayed. Due to the
backlog, at times Sydney Airport was only using one runway, the shortest
east-west runway. You can see the winds here at Darling Harbour blowing the
flags at speeds of up to 50 kilometres an hour . The night before my flight I
received this SMS from Virgin warning of possible delays. This was quite a good
service to get advanced warnings of the delay. The check-in counters were pretty
busy but it was still easy enough to check in via the electronic kiosks. There
was a big queue to drop off my luggage but this only took about 10 minutes to
get to the front of the queue. My flight was delayed by 50 minutes due to the
aircraft arriving late in from Melbourne. So this gave me some extra time at the
airport for some excellent plane spotting. With most of the flights taking
off from the east-west Airport it meant great views from the end of the terminal
where virgin flights take off. Not only were the domestic flights going by I
also got to see some of the larger international airlines. For the full
plane spotting video check out the link in the description below. Our plane
arrived in from Melbourne the Virgin staff had been great making constant
announcements to the arrival time of this plane and a late gate change. There
were no further delays and we boarded at the new delayed time of 3 p.m. So time
to get on board and check out the flight experience. These Virgin Boeing 737s have these nice leather seats with width of 17 inches
and a pitch of 31 inches This gives some nice space between my
knees and seat in front the seats also recline back an extra 4 inches In the seat pocket is a copy of the
Virgin in-flight magazine there is also entertainment available to be streamed
through the Virgin entertainment app which I’ll show you after takeoff there
is also a food menu with snacks and meals available to purchase during the
flight/ They do serve up a complimentary snack on this flight which I’ll show you
after takeoff. Now it’s time to go, so sit back and enjoy this bumpy takeoff with
the high winds in Sydney. Ladies and gentlemen we will now commence the
safety demonstrations. Each aircraft may be different so we’d appreciate your
full attention. The safety instruction card in the seat pocket shows the brace
position and contains other vital information on what you should do in the
unlikely event of an emergency. Please take the time to look at it before we
take off. Your seat belt must now be fastened to low and tight around your
waist/ To fasten the belt push the two metal ends together until they click. To
adjust pull the strap until tight and to release lift the buckle up like this. The
cabin will be pressurized during the flight however if oxygen is required masks like these will drop automatically from the
unit above your head. Immediately pull the mask firmly down towards you to
start the flow of oxygen. Place it over your nose and mouth and secure with a
strap continue to breathe normally oxygen will flow through the mask even
though the bag may not inflate it is important that you fit your own
mask first before assisting other guests lifejackets are located under or beside
your feet if required you will need to retrieve the lifejacket and remove it
from the plastic bag slip the lifejacket over your head pass the strap around
your waist and clip the two entities Once in the air it is time to fire up
the virgin entertainment app with a flight time of close to two and a half
hours from Sydney into the Cairns it is really nice to sit back and watch a
movie. There are loads of TV series and movies on the virgin app to watch my
choice this time is Captain Marvel you cannot go wrong with a cool Marvel movie shortly after takeoff the crew come
around and hand out the complimentary snacks and serve drinks. This snack was
an egg and lettuce sandwich and some chickpea crisps. I also had a nice cup of
tea to wash it down we ended up arriving about 30 minutes
after the scheduled arrival time and got to enjoy the spectacular sunset over
tropical North Queensland. This was a great flight up to Caairns with Virgin
Australia the crew were lovely and it was really nice to get a snack and extra
nice to have some entertainment to watch virgin you’ll be seeing me again real
soon thanks for watching now sit back and enjoy the landing into
Cairns Airport. ladies and gents welcome to Cairns. Local time just gone 6:20 p.m. outside temperature is a lovely 25 degrees so
your safety the safety of those around


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  1. Jonathan C

    August 17, 2019 1:46 pm

    I'd prefer an opinion on the flight, the plane and particularly the airline – and whether we should or shouldn't fly with them, what to look for, hints and tips etc. Thanks

  2. Vinavia

    August 20, 2019 3:13 am

    Such a great report. Love the sunset view from your window, and also, the inflight services, too 😄

  3. Craig Willis

    August 26, 2019 10:09 am

    My favourite airline ! Great take off vision from a runway which is often not in service !! Heading to Cairns with Virgin in 2 weeks time and looking forward to the flight !! Well done on the review !

  4. Matt Bator

    September 1, 2019 11:14 pm

    great filmed really great video but in the background when you flying out of Sydney but was really annoying is that there was screaming baby's or kids on the plane and always when i fly i always love when there's no kids or baby's on a plane. but you did good with your videos


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