[WayV-ehind] Take Off: Promotion


Hello everyone, this is WINWIN We are at a filming set and we came to film our promotion video We’ve just started to film! Fighting! Everyone, please look forward to it! When I was young, I used to play on the trampoline But that was about 10 years ago And I got to jump on the trampoline after about 10 years… I wonder how I played on the trampoline for 1~2 hours when I was young It’s really difficult Especially when making facial expressions When I jump, I can’t control my face It’s hard It’s super hard Ah, that expression I think I managed to film one good shot There is one good shot So I hope you like it! I can do it better if I don’t get scared… I have to do it without getting scared I’ll go eat something delicious Bye bye I just jumped on the trampoline It was super springy I thought I would fall down, at first But then I did actually fall down It didn’t hurt though Because it was on the trampoline it was really bouncy and it was fun I’m not sure how the result will come out But I had fun while filming it I finished jumping on the trampoline Wow… it looked easy when I just looked at it But it actually wasn’t It was really hard I think in order to jump better on it… You would need extra practice time Then it will be better It’s actually quite dangerous I want to report one thing Someone said that he’ll do tumbling on the trampoline but instead he went like “Ehhh~” I thought… I thought it would be easy but later, found out that it wasn’t Yes, I regret it I’m sorry Bye bye I often used to play on the trampoline when I was in school So… Wow! That’s amazing! I just forgot what I was going to say I just played on the trampoline and I felt like I became young again A kind of feeling you would feel as a kid So it was so much fun It’s been a long time since I jumped on the trampoline I used to play on it quite often when I was at school I often played like this I jumped a lot Actually for me… I’ve done trampoline shots before So I was able to have fun while doing it Actually it doesn’t hurt that much to jump on a trampoline It doesn’t hurt at all Because it has springs, you don’t get hurt So you don’t need to worry I think all the members’ shots will come out cool Everyone, please look forward Bye bye Great job! We’ve finished filming, finally! We can take a rest from tomorrow! Rest! Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for your effort Thank you~ I’m a bit tired so I’ll go take a rest!


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  1. Kaitlyn Avitia

    November 25, 2019 6:04 pm

    No one is talking about Winwin's amazing trampoline shots rather then the fact he did it before……
    That can't be right


    December 24, 2019 11:59 pm

    WinWin: I've actually done trampoline shots before

    Me: thinking back to touch and crying

  3. Sophie zheng

    January 19, 2020 9:30 am

    How does WayV members say a word “trampoline “

    Kun: 蹦床


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