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(woo!) Okay! What up it’s Damon Its Jo And it’s Damon and Jo. Odds are, you probably think that we’re the same person. Maybe you think we’re just one person. And that’s just not the case And today we’re going to take a personality test. And then we’re going to compare our results. Let’s do it!! Places!! Jo and I are kinda different people. Okay. We’re completely different people. You are usually highly motivated and ENERGETIC! Strongly disagree. Pfft. “As a parent you’d rather see your children grow kind than smart.” (silence) Can’t the grow up being both? “Your home and work environment are quite tidy.” They are when I film a youtube video. 🙂 “Your emotions control you more than you control them.” Mm. Disagree. I control them s**t. Like. If I’m the one that’s sad or angry or happy its because I’m the one who has allowed myself to have those emotions. So, I should be able to control those. “If someone does not respond to your email quickly you start to worry that you said something wrong.” Disagree. You know what, I’m gonna do? Copy. Paste. You gonna get an email again. “You try to respond to emails as soon as possible. And, cannot stand a messy inbox.” Strongly agree. “In a discussion, truths should be more important than people’s sensitivities.” It depends on what we’re talking about. I’m doing that thing where people never actually get a straight answer out. Such a boring answer. “You worry too much about what other people think.” Pfft! disagree…. “You would not call yourself a dreamer” Ugh. Pfft. (like a horse) If there’s one thing in this world that I am, its a dreamer! I’ve always been a dreamer. “You find it difficult to introduce yourself to new people.” Strongly disagree. “You often feel that you have to justify yourself to other people.” Strongly disagree. Disagree. I’m one of those people that if we disagree … to disagree. You ain’t gotta explain nothin’ to nobody. It’s none of nobody’s business. “You frequently misplace your things.” Uh. oh. So many misplaced things. “You rarely do something out of sheer curiosity.” Strongly disagree. Today after taking my trash out I walked around the block just because I didn’t know what was there. “Winning a debate matters less to you than making sure that no one is upset.” “Winning a debate matters less to you …” Agree. I don’t care who wins debates. I don’t like debates. “You are more of a natural improvisor …” “… than a careful planner.” *clears throat* Jo. Never planning anything. Couldn’t be more well said. Like, I am an improvisation kinda girl. “Do you see yourself as very emotionally stable?” Strongly agree. “An interesting book or video game is often better than a social event.” Agree. Like, me and a journal and a glass of wine in my apartment… alone on a Friday night. There’s no better thing. “Being right is better than being cooperative when it comes to teamwork.” Strongly disagree. Like, you do not need to be right to work well in a team. Hence why everybody hates group projects in high school. (pause) And college. And at work. “You are often envious of others.” Completely disagree. I don’t actually spend much of my time thinking about what other people have because I’m too buys thinking about what I want and how I’m going to get it. Ok, now the results in … three two one. Go. Reload! (Damon) Oh then.
(Jo) Whoo! I am so excited. I just went so from from my seat to the couch. Okay we’re going to do letter-for-letter. Okay. Ready? (together) “E” (together) “N” (Damon) Wait. E N? (together) “F” What? Hold on. Wait a second. (Jo) “P” (Damon) I got “J”! Oh my god. Whoo! It scared me, I thought we were the same person for a second. I got “E N F P” (Jo) And you got…
(Together) … “E N F J” “Percentage of extroverted?” (Jo) 85
(Damon) 77 (Jo) Accurate.
(Damon) Accurate. “Intuitive?” (Jo) 70
(Damon) 65 (Jo) Accurate.
(Damon) Okay. “Feeling?” (Damon) 67
(Jo) 61 *nasally voice* Accurate. You know who else is an “E N F J”? Opera Winfrey. You know who else? Barak Obama You know who else? Jennifer Lawrence. Robert Downing Jr, Will Smith, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore. (Damon) Of course they put the most likable celebrities.
(Jo) Russell Brand (Jo) Like you crazy. (Damon) Like, nevermind. Don’t lose that little spark of madness. Are you trying to say I’m crazy? *Damon laughs* (Jo) No internet connection.
(Damon) Dammit. What’s your password? Windy table. two six two I didn’t choose that. I didn’t choose Phoebe buffet either. Oh, I guess it does work. Or not! You gotta pay your bill next month. I paid it! We’re like a few percentages different. This has always been my motto. And this is in there. Protagonists should try to avoid taking this personally Okay. Hold on. I’m sorry. One second. I’m sorry I had me down the whole time. “Live and let live.” Yea this is so true. “As with other relationships…” “… campaigners view their relationships…” “… as opportunities to experience other angles of the universe.” “And tend to embue potentional relationships that will…” uh. *stammers* “… with that weighty and idealistic quality.” Like, what? That was a little confusing. “Campaigners will also go to great lengths…” “…and be surprisingly persistent in their efforts…” to get to know more reserved personalities.” That’s my trick Like what changed us? *quietly* Travel. Alright everybody, please like this video. And in the comments below write what your personality type is. Click on the description to get the test. It’s completely free. It took 12 minutes or less. And now you know; we a bunch of crazies. Anyways, we’ll see you next time. (both) Bye! If you guys match our personality types. Can you just comment below so we can take our next trip with you? And if you not you asked out. Some videos on the side. We have a blog. Go check that out Read those blogs that I need to write. Here’s something that we really need you to do now is… Go look for your next ticket on our flight site So you can go to shutupandgo.travel slash flights. Or we can give you a better one. flights.shutupandgo.travel (damon) They both go to the same page. (Damon) We give you options. That’s an E N F P (damon) E N F (both) J Personality trait Exactly We’re not trying to leave you feeling like some type of way. Someones phone is vibrating. I’ve gotta check that. (Damon) See you later!
(Jo) It’s not mine. That’s for sure. (Jo) Cause I got no friends.
(Damon) *quietly* Yes, thats. *quick* Bye.


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