West Wing Week: 01/06/17 or, “It’s 2017!”

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The President: Good to
see you, happy new year. Narrator: Welcome to
your next to last Obama edition of the
west wing week. Your guide to everything
that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. With fifteen days left of
the administration, the white house is wrapping
up its business. Its December 30th through
Janurary 5th or its 2017. On Sunday, the first day
of the new year, the first family returned home from
Hawaii where they spent time over the holidays. On Monday the White House
announced that president Obama will deliver his
farewell address to the nation on January 10th
from Chicago, you can tune in at White House.gov/live The President: Happy New year everybody. Narrator: On Wednesday
the President and Vice President met with
combatant commanders and joint chiefs of staff
in the cabinet room. The President: I can say
to the American people that they are
extraordinarily lucky and I am extraordinarily lucky
to be served by such extraordinary patriots. Narrator: Later the two
teamed up again to drive across the river to joint
base Myers Henderson hall where the armed forces
offered a farewell ceremony to the outgoing
commander and chief. (applause) The President:
So my days as your commander in chief are
coming to an end and as I reflect on the challenges
we have faced together, and on those to come. I believe that one of the
greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain
the high confidence that the American people
rightfully place in you. Good to see you. Happy new year everybody. Narrator: On Thursday
hosted his final live from the white house. A series of round robin
style interviews with local reporters. This time, from Chicago. Female Speaker: A lot of
times Ill just jump right in — The President:
hello everybody. Narrator: Later that
day the President attended his last P-Cast meeting. A meeting of his top
advisors from science and technology. One of his favorite kinds
of gatherings since he’s the scientist and chief. The President: The
main purpose from my perspective is to say
thank you because I really think this is been just an
amazing group of people working together and has
translated into some really concrete action (applause) Narrator: As thanks so much for
checking out this edition of your west wing week and
to you and yours, Happy New Year! The President: You know secret service wont let make take a spin in this as President


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