What Happens If You Die During A Flight?

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Picture this you’re cruising at 30,000
feet but then all of a sudden you or someone else on the flight passes away
what happens to that person are they thrown off the plane or are they stored
somewhere well today we’re gonna find out exactly what happens if someone
passes away on an airplane I’m Charlie and today we’re going to find out what
happens if you pass away during a flight but before we take off why not subscribe
and press the notification bell too you may be thinking get real no one ever
passes away on a plane but according to flight attendants it’s much more common
than you’d imagine for example a month ago a 34 year old woman passed away on a
flight from LA to Melbourne there were two doctors on board but they couldn’t
save her and a year ago a British woman passed away on a flight from Pakistan to
the UK in that case the passengers had to sit with her body for two hours on
the tarmac that’s because for some reason paramedics were not able to get
onto the plane but what’s the real procedure for when this happens well in
reality it differs from airline to airline some larger and more luxurious
airplanes have something named a corpse cupboard this is basically a large
Locker which is able to transport an average-sized body for example singapore
airlines airbus a340 had these corpse cupboards but most smaller and less
luxurious airplanes do not have these cupboards and amazingly not all flight
attendants are actually trained to deal with the situation all European airlines
have to comply with EU safety regulations this includes being trained
to use defibrillators and first-aid procedures in the USA things are a bit
different and airlines pick their own training but in most cases what will
happen to a body which is passed away is they’ll be moved to an empty row if
there are no empty rows available then that they’re moved to business class
just imagine that paying for business class and then sitting next to a corpse
also sometimes the bodies will be covered up with a rug or a sheet if one
is available one flight attendant named Annette along told Business Insider I
probably put a blanket over the person she said she’d do this so that people
would not look or take photos of the body after all flight attendants want to
make sure there’s dignity Emrys if someone passes away on the flight but
did you know that flight attendants have a secret code to say whether someone’s
passed away on board that code is Jim Wilson if you hear your pilot or flight
attendants mention the name Jim Wilson it means someone’s passed away on the
plane after all 50,000 corpses are flown every year so they have to have a
nickname this way the passenger can be talked about while not disturbing the
public so they may say please be seated while we remove a passenger Jim Wilson
from their seats or they may say a flight attendant is needed to deal with
Jim Wilson but has there been any reported times when people have passed
away during a flight well the answer is absolutely on the 1st of April 2019 a
passenger passed away on a Qantas plane she was Australian and 34 and she passed
away despite two doctors on the airplane she was going from LA to Melbourne her
home and doctors did try to save her on the plane fellow passengers on the
flight expressed their shock on social media one person wrote on snapchat
someone actually passed away on my flight home so sad also in March of this
year a 63 year old British grandmother passed away she had a heart attack on an
easyJet flight but the family say they do not blame easyJet the woman named
Anne Rudkin was flying from the UK to Malaga Spain also last year a 36 year
old father was travelling from the UK to New Zealand he was with his wife and two
young kids but he passed away the plane had to stop in Dubai and the man named
Simon was removed from the airplane and in 2014 a 23 year old woman passed away
during a flight she was going from London to New York City and on this
flight again a doctor was on board and he did try and help but his efforts were
fruitless and she did pass away despite only being 23 recently someone asked on
the question-and-answer web site Quorra what happens if someone passes away on a
plane and a woman that named Sue Jackson responded telling her own story about
her husband she said my husband passed away during a lone-wolf flight from New
Zealand to Los Angeles they were in business class and he went to sleep and
never woke up apparently he passed away due to lack of oxygen in his lung
when this happened a doctor who was on board came
to try and check him out and try and save his life
sadly it did not work and Sue’s husband could not be saved so instead his body
was covered up with a blanket and she lay beside him until they landed the
plane was then cleared of everyone except the crew herself and her husband
Keith but then a lot of people board with the airplane police paramedics
customs officials the coroner immigration and airline management all
came in to the plane he was then put on a stretcher and wheeled away to a nearby
hospital apparently on his death certificate the place of death says
flight nc5 and apparently when it happened sue was even given a minder
during the flight this mind has stayed with her the entire flight and made sure
she was okay as what happened was so sad and shocking sue Jackman’s story really
is sad but it does go to show exactly what happens if someone passes away on a
plane so I hope now you’ll curiosity about what happens if you pass away on a
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