What Happens If You Give Birth During A Flight?

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Picture this you’re 31,000 feet up in
the air then all of a sudden you hear a woman screaming it turns out a pregnant
mom has gone into labor what happens next how is the baby delivered what
nationality is the baby if it’s in the air well today we’re going to look at
all of these questions I’m Charlie and today we’re going to look at what
happens if you give birth during a flight before we take off buckle your
seatbelt subscribe and press the notification bill too so let’s imagine
you’re on a flight with a pregnant woman all of a sudden she goes into labor and
starts screaming the first thing that will happen is her aisle will be cleared
out if it’s safe to do so and the plane is in the air then all passengers
sitting around her will need to move most of the air Stuart’s will then crowd
around the mom and try and help her out they’ll also ask if there are any
doctors on the plane if the answers yes then the doctor will come and try and
deliver the baby but if there’s not a doctor on the plane then it will be left
up to either the woman’s husband or the aircraft staff obviously it can be a
pretty long and messy process but it does happen on the plane the plane does
not make an emergency landing or turn back and go back to the airport it’s
come from instead the berth simply happens midair also if the mom is not in
first class then she will be moved to first class as there’s more space I
guess that’s one way to get into first class for free now if someone gives
birth on a plane it can be a very very tense scene sometimes babies born on
airplanes that can pass away this is because it’s hardly the ideal conditions
to give birth in also most mothers expecting to give birth do not go on
airplanes so most of the time babies born on airplanes are premature now if
you have a premature birth in a hospital this is usually okay but that’s because
in hospitals they have all the staff and equipment you could ever need on an
airplane however all you have is air stewardesses and packets of peanuts
giving birth on a plane is also very rare so it only happens to one in every
26 million passengers according to doctors it’s also best to not have your
child on an airplane for other reasons for example at that altitude the air is
thinner so it’s harder for a baby to breathe also
there are no prenatal experts with high tech equipment on an airplane and if a
c-section is required then most stewardesses train for that also the air
pressure is very odd an airplanes this means the newborns babies use
statue in tubes can struggle with this air pressure and damage a baby’s is but
either the doctor or the aircraft workers if a doctors not onboard will
deliver the woman’s baby with her husband he’ll do this using very basic
emergency equipment in a first-aid kit on board and the umbilical cord will be
cut likely by the father with a pair of scissors which is in the first-aid kit
but you’re probably wondering now that this baby’s born what nationality are
they obviously if you have a baby in Germany then that baby has German
citizenship and nationality or if you have a baby in the USA then it has
American nationality and citizenship but what if you’re above the sky and you
don’t know what country your baby was even born in or maybe your baby was born
above the ocean in between countries does it not have any nationality well
when it comes to giving birth on a plane then the parents have some choice when
it comes to their kids citizenship let’s say your baby is born in international
waters in that situation the child will likely take the citizenship of the
mother after all there is no citizenship for Atlantis
that’s another crazy thing is that it depends on the airplane your baby is
born on for example if you’re born on a British Airways flight you can claim
British citizenship or if your baby is born on an Emirates plane then you can
choose it to have United Arab Emirates citizenship and for some countries you
can actually choose it to have the citizenship you were going over at that
time for example if the plane was going over Canada then your baby could have
Canadian citizenship so really the mother and father have a lot of choice
when it comes to choosing the citizenship of their baby born on a
plane one real life case if this happened recently to a mother named
Debbie Owen Debbie was seven months pregnant and was
flying on a be a flight from ivory coast to London that was when all of a sudden
she gave birth to her daughter Shona on an airplane Shona is now one of the
fifty known people worldwide who are sky born Shona has a UK passport as her
mother is English and on her birth certificate it says Shona was born on an
airplane ten miles south of Sussex despite all the odds Shona was
not born stillborn and was totally healthy despite all the risk of having a
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