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Thousands of flights take off every day The majority are on time and uneventful. Then there’s your flight–delayed, or worse, canceled. You picture your hard earned vacation falling apart right in front of you. A missed flight may mean a missed cruise, a hotel room not occupied but paid for. Don’t let a travel interruption turn into a vacation nightmare. So what is a traveler to do? Before we dive into this unpleasant subject, please like, subscribe, comment, and share, and don’t forget to ring the notification bell. Number one: Know your air travel rights. If your flight is canceled your carrier is only obligated to provide you with a seat on the next available flight on that airline, or issue a refund. Airlines are not obligated to compensate passengers for delays and cancellations. Carriers will often rebook passengers for no additional fee, even for non-refundable fares, or offer a full refund. Check your carrier’s customer agreement, also known as a contract of carriage. Number two: The reason for the delay matters. When it comes to delays bad weather is not your friend; a mechanical issue is. Airlines may offer to pay for hotel and meals during an overnight delay when the reason is the airline’s fault. But when it is weather-related, be prepared to fend for yourself. Number three: Check if your credit card offers trip delay protection. Many credit cards offer built-in travel benefits. Immediately file a claim with the airline after your flight is delayed or canceled. You must have used the credit card to book your seat. Make sure to keep your boarding pass and travel documents on hand as proof of your claim. Number four: Stay proactive. Once you know there’s a problem, call the airline’s customer service number to get rebooked on the next flight, or use the airline’s affiliate app. Gate agents can also assist you, but they tend to be the first people go to so they tend to get swamped. Number five: Use social media to your advantage. Keep it classy and to the point. Because it is public, it is an effective platform to get the airline’s attention. If you are in a bind or need assistance, reaching out on Twitter can be a good way to rebook flights. Number six: Download the right tools. You never know when a delay will happen. To be prepared, download a flight tracking app, like FlightAware, and rely on the valuable tools like AirHelp, which gives passengers the power to check if they’re eligible to receive compensation for a delay or cancellation. If you think you’re eligible for compensation, type in the information about your trip along with your flight number on AirHelp’s app or website. If eligible, the company will file a claim on your behalf. Number seven: Remember different rules apply for delays overseas. Passengers have different rights depending on where they are flying. If you’re delayed within Europe, you may have more rights than if you’re delayed within the United States. Number eight: Negotiate with your carrier. If your flight is cancelled, and you think you are entitled to compensation, do not sign anything or accept any offer until you have vetted all of your options. By accepting the first thing that they offer you’re waiving your right to further compensation down the line. Number nine: Consider buying travel insurance. Travel insurance can be a wise move if you’re continuing onward. For instance, in a case where your flight causes you to miss your cruise, you can file a claim for reimbursement. Read the fine print. In some instances your policy could prevent you from being eligible to claim compensation at a later date. Understand what you are buying. Number ten: Hold on to your documents. Many airlines will reject a legitimate claim for disputed flights if you do not have your travel documents like your boarding pass. Hold on to these documents. You may be able to recover expenses caused by flight delays, including missed reservations for your hotel or even your car rental. Thank you for watching. If you have found this video helpful, please like, subscribe, comment, and share, and please ring the notification bell so you will know when new videos are posted. Happy and safe travels!


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