What would the biggest challenge being a flight attendant? How will you adapt to change?

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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel! It’s Miss Kay Krizz and today we’re gonna continue on with Q&A series for cabin crew interviews. Today’s question is a really tricky one so make sure that you stay tuned for it. Today’s question, were going to answer
the question — it’s a little bit personal and it’s not really common. It really is usually asked of you if you reach the final stages of the interview The question is: “Do you think you will find a change in lifestyle difficult to adapt to if you are successful in becoming a member of our cabin crew team?” There is only one way to answer this question which is: “NO. It will not be difficult for you to adjust to the lifestyle.” When answering this nature of question, tell them that you have researched the role well and are fully aware of the different implications including the change of lifestyle that it will bring. Also remember to touch on specifics about the
change in lifestyle and what it means to you and how you have prepared for it.
Don’t be afraid to say that some areas will be a challenge for you or difficult
for you but you are fully committed and prepared for everything that the job
presents. The key is to consider is make sure that you smile and you are enthusiastic when you are answering this question. Talk about the change in
lifestyle for you and how you have prepared for it personally and you have
thought a long and hard when you are considering this career and
your personal circumstances that is suited for this role. Now, let’s go to the sample answer: “No. When I took up tourism, we trained that in the future
we need to be flexible and that in any time the work needs us, we should be
there no matter what. Even then, we did our internship outside the country to
ensure that we are able to acquire the skills of adapting to a new environment
and getting out of our comfort zone. In my experience, I quite like the change of
environment and the learning of the new skills that I will learn when I interact
with different people, different project demands and a new physical location. As a cabin crew aspirant, I am fully aware of the implications including the change of
lifestyle that it will bring specifically, the different time zones
that you have to work into the different sleeping schedules that I have to adapt
to and also the different cultures of the crew members which are going to be
coming from different countries because it is an international airline. I have fully researched this lifestyle and I think I am really prepared and I am preparing myself, mentally, physically, and emotionally on how I would be adapting to it once I become a successful cabin crew member.” So that’s how you will answer it. Make sure that you touch on different specifics of the cabin crew lifestyle specially the change in sleeping pattern, the different working schedules. the
different lengths of time that you have to be in the airplane, the different
destinations that you have to go through, and things like that. So always, always be positive about it. Look at it as a challenge that you are willing to take on and you are excited to do. and for you to grow personally and
professionally as well. So if you want to see more different cabin crew questions and sample on how I will answer them, make sure that you
download the PDF file of this series. It’s on my website at misskaykrizz.com. It’s completely free of charge, so don’t worry about that. I just want you guys to be prepared as much as possible. So go ahead and study and do your research and
good luck on your application! and I will fly with you soon, bye!


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