What’s the First Thing I Thought When We Got Back to the United States?


when we got back the immigration guy
was like, “where’s home?” and we just paused because like… so I’m working on
perfecting the art of getting away with filming in malls…I feel like my blood pressure shot up like on touchdown… how do you feel about going back to the US? that is one good thing about this
country is like we know how to… good morning! we are leaving we’re leaving the beach first, breakfast we’re going back to the bakery because it’s my favorite ever third time. why go anywhere else? why go anywhere else? I have not eaten breakfast anywhere other than this place
after I had it the first time breakfast was amazing per usual and now we are saying goodbye to Santa Teresa okay I could not leave without just
saying goodbye to the beach one more time it’s so beautiful and there’s a
puppy dog hey guany-guans enjoy your warm brick all right we are in the car line for the
ferry. Harper is asleep I want to be asleep. The Dramamine is like making me all kinds of foggy and weird Jesse has gone to get our tickets for the
ferry and I think I’m gonna actually just pass out well that didn’t work. oh wait. hey baby okay we made it to the hotel after much– many trials and tribulations. our phones like stopped
working thank you so much Harper has made me a coffee so delicious thank you
yummy yummy yummy our phones just stopped connecting to the internet so we
had no maps no directions we got a map to like kind of load so we were like
following our little dot and like making guesses about which route to take took
us forever to get here but we made it we have Wi-Fi we need to find some food and
there’s a pool so Harper Harper is happy and we will be
happy once we eat all right so we are getting back on the road because we’re
crazy like that. and yeah our phones are still not working and we forgot to load
the map so we’re just gonna guess at the directions to this giant mall we passed
that has like a ferris wheel on the roof like you do. then everybody can just eat whichever ones they like best how’s it? it’s good. all right we’re gonna walk the mall and
they have these awesome car things for rent so your child is happy
and strapped to something it’s just genius genius is what this is. I’m
working on perfecting the art of getting away with filming in malls. The
trick is okay whenever you see security film your kid. the kid.
immediately kid. you know if you don’t have kids you could just film somebody else’s kid. Awkward. then you’re gonna get security on you for something else but not for filming another tip always take pictures of the
decorations if you want to talk to the camera find a Christmas tree to talk to
the camera in front of because you look very much like a tourist. see? awesome Christmas tree. decorations and children this is your
key. husband and kid over here so I’m really walkin on walking on the edge here
but look just taking pictures of the decorations this place has bumper cars, a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, a tilt-a-whirl and an arcade this is the craziest mall arcade I’ve ever seen all right we are back from breakfast
well I am back from breakfast Jesse took Harper to the pool for like a lightning
round pool session before we leave I am repacking all the bags we have a flight
to Houston today and then we have an overnight layover so I booked just a
hotel near the airport and then our next flight is tomorrow oh gosh why is this so heavy oh gosh no only my husband travels with a piano hashtag minimalism the reason that our
flights are so ridiculous is because they were cheaper it’s always the moment
when you regret saving that little extra bit of money. and yes they’re still cheaper
even accounting for the hotel stay I think the other option was like a super
short layover and with a three-year-old super short layover no. not gonna even
happen. this thing probably weighs.. like this thing weighs almost as much as our child. but for Jesse’s job he’s gotta have a really good machine so Oh have mercy also this is a problem oh dear it’s been like that since Mexico City
the little screws holding it in to the camera have popped off something that I should know but don’t I’m googling can you put toothpaste in a carry-on why
don’t I know that toothpaste on a boil. ew, Google! can you put toothpaste in a dog’s mouth? these are just not helpful at all okay yeah we
can bring the toothpaste. I used to be the type who would pack everything
in hand luggage and travel sized everything I was so cool and then I had
a baby and now I’m working on it working on it all right we’re at the airport and we are
checked in we are through security and there’s a giant toy store with dinosaurs
so we’ll be here for three hours so I have a question for you guys I
never noticed this until living in central Mexico for a while but um people
my people specifically white people specifically white United States
citizens people we dress alarmingly badly also by the way like I am the
least fashionable person on the face of the planet so I am laughing with you not
at you but just walking through the airport I realized today like we
generally look like we’re either just about to engage in a very vigorous
athletic activity or we look like we’re going on Safari we really like things
with pockets shirts with pockets pants with many many pockets vests with lots
of pockets why do we have so many pockets you guys no judgment for people
on airplanes because when you are about to sit crammed into a little sardine can
for however many hours comfort is first and I’ve never tried to look nice at an
airport and I don’t think you should either so there you go wear your
athletic apparel with pride anyway do you guys have a go-to airport outfit? I’m wearing jeans right now which is one of my number one rules
never wear jeans on a plane because they’re so outrageously uncomfortable
however saves space in a suitcase tomorrow I have sweatpants though. okay we are on the plane I got picked for the random extra pat down. so an observation: now everybody’s speaking English and I do not like it because I like people a
lot more when I don’t understand what they’re saying there were these two guys
in line behind me who were literally complaining about the
airport musician guy who was playing the what was that? Marimba? Xylophone? Wooden xylophone? Marimba? they were actually complaining about him and so I’m like standing in the line like how can you be complaining about this
and just feeling all kinds of grumpy how do you… I feel warm and in need of AC. how do
you feel about going back to the US? I have a lot to do that’s all I can think about what are you looking forward to the most? being done with all the stuff I have to
do. are you stressed about work right now yeah. I will miss warmer weather and the food what will you miss? tortas. yes you will miss tortas all right I’m gonna buckle up now the plane can’t take off because we
can’t finish the safety demonstration thing because these people will not take
their seats because there was some type of like the mix-up I think somebody
sat in their seat and they can’t handle it so we gotta wait while they sit in their seat oh there we go now now they’re happy. oh we’re clapping. good for you you got
your seat all right we’re about to land almost to the United States…of Texas all right another day another taxi van. on the way to the hotel okay we’re in the hotel waiting for Uber Eats. it’s so much more expensive here and Harper got a nap in the
airplane so… Harper are you gonna ever go to sleep tonight
you think? YEAAAHHHH! you sound exhausted I forgot one more category of how we
dress is the just got out of bed look or the just about to get in bed look this
is the look that I’m sporting today and my favorite of all of the looks so
there’s the Safari there’s the athlete and there’s the sleeper. I’m
definitely a sleeper thoughts about being in the United States?
I can talk very quickly in English I understand everything it’s pretty
amazing I feel a little bit like a superstar, so competent at things
it’s amazing. I also feel way more stressed out I feel like my blood
pressure shot up like on touchdown things here are very Go Go Go Go Go in
the airport it’s like keep moving keep moving go don’t make anybody take any
more time than is necessary be super super on time like the airport shuttle
from the hotel like started driving off as I’m trying to buckle Harper’s car
seat I’m like wait I do not have this ready waiting for the little tram
train thing to get over to this terminal they literally have a thing where it
tells you how many seconds you have to wait before the train comes
seconds that to me is living in the United States it’s like we have to know
how long we’re going to wait down to the second I will say the the nice thing is
that you know what to expect and you know when things are gonna happen and
that can actually be really nice sometimes but the flipside is that it
can also be super stressful on the other side something that I have noticed is
that we really label things well here like that is one good thing about this
country is like we know how to label things street signs airport signs
everything is labeled and very clear it feels weird to be back when we got back
the immigration guy was like where’s home and we just paused because like I
don’t know how to answer that question and then you know he finishes up with
our passports and he’s like welcome back like okay we’re back I do like being able to ask people
questions and understand their answers and also be able to joke with people I
really missed being able to do that when I’m on these airplanes I just think
about all the legroom on the buses in Mexico and I just wanna cry. we’re here. there’s snow. the
aircraft is parked at the gate and the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign
devices must remain stowed. (whispering: snow) I feel cold just looking at it brr! snow! snow!


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  1. mannybrucesalvador

    March 17, 2019 11:09 pm

    If you plan on returning look up San Felipe Baja ca. It's nickname is Little Cabo. Best little beach town in the world.

  2. noadoreviews

    March 18, 2019 5:56 pm

    Hey what kind of portable piano does your husband travel with? My husband would love to take one along! 😁

  3. Alfredo Castillo

    March 19, 2019 4:22 pm

    I love this melody you normally use. Hahaha it identifies you well. It is part of you. Who performs it anyway?

  4. the_peteybug

    March 22, 2019 8:21 pm

    Ugh. Flying has become such a hassle. Look, we all know we're all gonna be crammed in with a whole bunch of people we really don't give two poops about. Can we all just pretend to be civil and polite for however many hours it takes us to get to where ever it is we are going, Please?!? There I've said my piece. And mmmmTortas. ;-P

  5. Jessica S

    May 4, 2019 10:40 pm

    Moms family is from Guadalajara. When I return to the USA I realize we drive much safer (most) and toilets look so white because i get used to seeing bright colored toilets in Mexico. Also houses are very brightly colored in Mexico.

  6. Image Advisors International

    May 30, 2019 9:49 pm

    Clothing…this is why I travel in my motorhome whenever I can.
    Many of you do not shower, dirty clothes, tacky. pockets always bulging…I could go on…but why…the people under 50 are tacky. lol!

  7. Linda Bolon

    June 5, 2019 9:49 pm

    I love your videos. I love the way the Mexican people that post here want you back in Mexico because they love you.

  8. Gordon Gibson

    July 13, 2019 11:21 pm

    You are my new favourite person. I recall meeting a bunch of young gals from (somewhere) in the Carolinas years ago in Acapulco. The beach, and take your daughter…you want to go and stay at Pie de la Cuesta, namely Tres Marias. It's right on the Pacific Ocean. Guaranteed, you'll love it. Guaranteed, or I pay. Buenos.

  9. I. M.

    August 15, 2019 3:57 am

    You have to say ‘where’ you are, geographically-speaking. It’s critical to the person interested in such videos.

  10. Ricardo Laakso

    September 10, 2019 4:43 pm

    Hey Guuuuuys !! Im back Meeeerikkkkaaa !! Saving wild life on this side of the border !!! Mexican lives MATTERRRRRRR !!!!!!!!


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