Which Airports are Cheaper? Large Hub Airports or Small Airports?

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Can the airport you choose save you
money on airfare? Yes! Hi, I’m Rick Seaney and this is your
60 second travel tip. Here’s a couple good rules of thumb, The bigger the city, the bigger the
airport, the cheaper the airfare. Unfortunately if you live in a smaller
city served by regional airport, you’ll pay a premium to fly in and out. It’s just a fact of airline economics. But there is a solution. Check airfare prices at all airports within a reasonable distance of your smaller city. You might have to travel next hour to
get off the ground but the money you save could be worth it. Especially on
international flights! For example: If you always fly out of
Burbank consider a flight out of LAX instead. Use FareCompare to compare the prices of both airports. You might save a little or in many cases
a lot! Find the cheapest airfare every time you fly wherever you fly FareCompare and buy confident.


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