Why Paro Airport is dangerous?

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Paro International Airport in Bhutan is one
of the most dangerous airports in the world But why? Because, this airport is located in a deep valley near
the Paro Chhu river and 1.5 miles above the sea level Doesn’t it sound so scary? Then you have to know that the airport is
surrounded by mountains as high as 18000 feet Pilots need to fly the aircraft between the valleys and
take some sharp turns during the landing and takeoff Pilots cannot see the runway until they reach
very close of it just before the landing Very few pilots are certified to land at the airport Here, flights are allowed to land and
take off during sunlight hours Only two airliners— government owned Drukair and private
owned Tashi Air operate flights from and to this airport The name of the river below is the Paro Chhu River When we were returning to Bangladesh in the first week
of January, there was no snow in the city of Paro but all the hills around it became snow covered for snowfall Look at the top of the mountain,
the mountain is covered with snow The mountains that you can see
far away is the Himalayan range The excitement of seeing the Himalayan
range from the sky is another experience If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas by plane,
then choose the seats on the left when leaving from Dhaka Finally, this is to say that traveling to Bhutan
will give you a wonderful experience And if you want to make this experience more exciting,
then definitely try to increase your budget


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