Why Ultra-Long Flights Are Better Than Short Ones

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Long-haul flights. You know, those marathon adventures that fly
you half-way around the world, are terrifyingly boring, and tire you to no end. Actually your rear end gets tired too! But see, nowadays, long-distance travel is
nothing like it was years ago! And the experience of flying 20 hours straight
might turn out to be much more enjoyable than you expected! So, let’s say you need to get from Singapore
to New York, which usually takes about 19 hours. Chances are, you’ll travel the distance of
almost 10,000 miles on an Airbus A350-900-ULR (which means “ultra-long-range”) operated
by Singapore Airlines. This plane has been designed specifically
for flying super-long routes. That’s why the seats, even in economy class,
are more spacious and cushier than on a regular flight. Travelers have more space between armrests,
as well as more legroom. On top of that, the air circulation and lighting
in the cabin are adjusted in a way that’s supposed to help passengers deal with jet
lag more easily. Another cool thing about this plane is that
the cabin floor and side-walls are straighter than on other aircraft. As a result, passengers have more head and
shoulder room! But one of the most exciting features of Airbus
A350 is its tail camera! You’ll be so mesmerized by your gorgeous
airliner crossing the globe, you probably won’t even pay attention to any other in-flight
entertainment. Or let’s say you’re flying from Perth, Australia
to London, UK. In this case, you’ll have to fly non-stop
for 17 and a half hours, and your airline will most likely be Qantas. You’ll travel more than 9,000 miles in a Boeing
787-9, also called a Dreamliner. True to its name, the plane does everything
to make your journey feel like a dream. For example, it has a special system that
makes the air in the cabin much more humid. As a result, your skin and eyes don’t get
so dry during the flight, and you don’t feel that annoying throat scratchiness. An LED lighting system makes it easier for
you to adjust from daylight to darkness at night, and the air circulates around the cabin
every two minutes. Experts say that after spending 20 hours on
this plane, you’ll still feel better than after a 14-hour-journey on any other. Besides, even though it might not seem like
such an important point, the Dreamliner’s windows are 30% bigger than those on other
similarly-sized airplanes. The best thing about these windows is that
they don’t have plastic shades! Instead, there’s an electronic dimmer next
to each seat. Flight attendants can lighten or darken the
shades automatically. Also, the Dreamliner is 20% more fuel-efficient
than any other aircraft of the same size. And that’s great because even the tiniest
drop in fuel consumption means significantly lower ticket prices! So, as you see, the comfort of an ultra-long-haul
flight does depend on the plane you’ve chosen. But even regardless of the aircraft, flying
long distances has several cool benefits. – For example, you can get a nice long rest
you probably wouldn’t get in your everyday life. The only thing you’ll need to do is to block
out sound and light – and sleep tight. – Long flights are usually more comfortable
than short ones, what with all these bigger seats and more space. And it doesn’t even matter whether you fly
economy or first class. – On some long-haul flights, you can connect
to the onboard Wi-Fi system. You might have to pay for this service, or
it may be free of charge. Whatever the case, you’ll still have an opportunity
to get in touch with your relatives and friends or check your mail. – What’s more, almost all long flights have
great in-flight entertainment. So, you can occupy your time by watching movies,
listening to music, or playing games. Have you ever had a long-haul flight? Then share your experience in the comments
below! I admit that spending almost 20 hours in your
seat on a plane might not be how you imagine a perfect journey… But think of this! The only alternative to a long-haul flight
is to fly for 8 or so hours, jolt awake, sleepily gather your things, and spend several more
hours at an unfamiliar airport. Then, you’ll have to hop on another plane
where you’ll spend the next 10 or so tiring hours. I think I’d rather take the ultra-long-haul
flight! Besides, if you know how to get ready for
it, you won’t even notice your journey come to an end! That being said….. – Choose your seat carefully – it’s crucial
on a long-haul flight. Obviously, most people prefer window seats:
this way, they can lean against the plane’s wall and have a more comfortable position
for sleep. On the other hand, if you know that you’ll
need to go to the bathroom pretty often or will feel the need to stretch your legs, choose
an aisle seat. Otherwise, you’ll have to climb over your
dozing neighbors. Pardon me, ‘xcuse me, ‘xcuse me, pardon
me… Anyway, to book the best seat, check in as
early as you can. These days, most airlines open online check-in
48 to 72 hours before the flight. Thus, you can not only pick a seat to your
liking, but also save some precious airport time by downloading or printing out your e-ticket. It’ll save you from lining up at the check-in
and wasting your time. – Remember to ask cabin crew the right questions. And the first one should be, “Is the plane
full?” Because, if it isn’t, you can probably have
another, more comfortable seat; for example, with no-one sitting next to you. Also, it makes sense to ask if an upgrade
is possible. Sometimes, if this option is available, they
upgrade passengers at check-in, or even when you get on board. Keep in mind that on long-haul and ultra-long-haul
flights, they provide you with a minimum of two hot meals. But if you’re particularly hungry, you can
ask the cabin crew for another helping, and chances are, you’ll get it. Ooh boy! Also, if you tell a flight attendant that
you have problems sleeping on flights, they may bring you an extra blanket, earplugs,
or an eye mask. – Every time you fly, it’s better to put on
comfortable clothes. But on ultra-long-haul flights, it’s critical. Instead of tight jeans, put on stretchy and
loose pants – they won’t cut off your blood flow like jeans. -Put on several layers of clothes since the
temperatures on board often vary from too hot to icy cold throughout the flight. A warm scarf and cuddly socks will also add
to your comfort. – Even though the newest ultra-range airplanes
have higher humidity inside the passenger cabin, staying hydrated is still very important. That’s why it’s a good idea to fill your water
bottle at the airport before take-off, and keep drinking this water during the flight. – As I’ve mentioned before, long-distance
planes have more space for you to make yourself more comfortable. But it doesn’t mean that you should sit still
for the duration of the whole flight! To keep blood flowing in your legs, do light
exercises in your seat and try to stand up and walk every two or three hours. – Try to sleep as much as you can on a long-haul
flight. It’ll allow you to get to your destination
in a reasonably adequate, non-zombie state. Block noise and bright light with the help
of a sleeping mask and earplugs or good earphones. And don’t forget to bring along a comfy neck
pillow. – Even though you get several hot meals during
a long-haul flight, as well as some snacks and drinks, it might make sense to take some
food with you. This way, if you get hungry at night, you
won’t have to wake your neighbor up by climbing over them in an attempt to get some food from
a flight attendant. – You probably know that you can claim compensation
if your flight is delayed, overbooked, or canceled. But what few people are aware of is that the
longer the flight is, the bigger the compensation. That’s why, if the distance you have to travel
is more than 2,200 miles, and the delay is longer than 3 hours when you arrive at your
destination, you could get a compensation of $650 per person. Ka ching! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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