World’s Top 10 Best Airline Cabin Crew

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– Welcome back to sunny Dubai. This week’s video is all about the cabin crew, or flight attendants. Sometimes when you have a
great flight, it’s because of the exceptional service
they deliver on the plane. In this video, I wanna share with you some of my favourite moments
with flight attendants. Let’s go. (upbeat music) – Buongiorno! – What is this? – Surprise! (laughter) – Oh my God! – Welcome aboard Hello Kitty! (upbeat music) – [Sam] Oh yeah I like that. – Hi! Your tea with milk and sugar. – This is Madeline. I love your hair by the way, so cool. You know Asians can never make this hair. Say something in Zulu to our viewers. – (speaks in Zulu) Meaning to live and to learn. – This is Edgar on my flight,
what language do you speak? – I speak Xichangana Tsonga. (speaks in Tsonga) – Did you say something bad about me? – No, not at all, I’m just
saying you must say “Ahee.” – Ahee? – Ahee. – What is “Ahee?” – It’s a greeting in Shangaan or Tsonga. (upbeat music) – [Sam] Qantas cocktail? – That’s the one. – Could you show us what it is? – Yep, which is the
vodka-based alcohol to go with the coldpress apple
juice, raspberry, and lemon. – This is the premium economy meal. So we’ve got the Tandoori
chicken salad here, followed by the green leaf salad, and we’ve got our Qantas
signature dressing, which is the palm sugar. (upbeat music) – Here we go.
(upbeat music) – Pink shiraz?
(upbeat music) – Boungiorno, I am plating meals now. The couscous it comes with a side of capsicum olives and pumpkin. – [Sam] This is a main course? – [Stewardess] This is a main course. And here’s the lamb chop on top. – [Sam] Smells wonderful. Look at that! – [Stewardess] And then
garlic yoghurt on top. – [Sam] Qantas? Excellent. (upbeat piano music) (muffled conversation) (laughing) – Richard is the Inflight Manager here. How many years, Richard,
have you flown with Qantas? – Coming up 38 years. – [Sam] That’s you? – [Richard] Yeah, that’s a 747-200. The shaving stations. – [Sam] There’s a shaving station? – [Richard] In the back of the aircraft. (laughter)
– [Richard] It was Christmas. – [Sam] His IFE went out, but you can force one movie? – [Richard] I can force a movie. I put the tape in one of these players, and then through the
entertainment director. – [Sam] And you put down
his seat number, 67Kilo. – I’m gonna write down all
the titles of the movies, and I’m gonna give him the piece of paper, and he can choose a
movie and I’ll (mumbles). He’s got a good choice there! – [Sam] He’s got many choices! (upbeat music) – Mr. Chui! – [Sam] Hi, how are you? – Welcome aboard! – [Sam] Hey. – Thank you very much- 6A! We knew you were coming. – [Sam] Ah good, good. – Please come aboard, follow me please. – [Sam] Alright, I’ll follow you, yes. – [Stewardess] Welcome, Mr. Chui. – [Sam] Hi, how are you doing? – Yeah, okay. – This? – There you go. (laughter)
– Okay! – You know what, she’s
actually taller than me. – Yes. – Like I’m a bit embarrassed, actually. Look at her.
(laughter) Oh wait, wait, wait, come on, come here. – Nah I’m- – See that- No, don’t be shy, come here! Where are you? – This is to all my fans,
and followers, so guys, come fly KLM and watch the YouTube video. Melanie, where are you from? – I’m from the Philippines. – Right, which airline cabin
crew is your favourite? – Philippine Airlines. – Philippine Airlines,
really? Why is that? – ‘Cause it’s very nice and
there’s lots of food and it’s very amazing. (upbeat music) – Mabuhay! Welcome aboard
Philippine Airlines. – Morning, Mr. Sam Chui, welcome aboard. My name is Mark, what
can I do for you today? (distant conversation) (soft music) – Hi, sir. Mr. Chui, I would like to
present to you your main menu. It’s actually the Estilo Afritada. Cod fillet with tomato sauce,
and French beans and steam- – Wait, this is left and right. Okay, is that how you do it? – This is my first time
flying on Philippine Airlines. What an experience! They’re so warm, and their
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give Dashlane a try now. It is absolutely free. Even better, the first
200 to download Dashlane will get 10% off the premium version. Use the promo code SAM at checkout. (upbeat music) – Greetings, (speaks Mandarin). – (speaks Thai) – (speaks Korean) – (speaks Japanese) – (speaks Malay) – (speaks foreign language) – Hello, Mr. Chui! – [Sam] Hi. – That’s the special
drink that you request. – [Sam] Special drink? – That’s the mimosa. – [Sam] Thank you. – This is Amelia. – Hello! – Wonderful, wonderful crew on Cathay. – Thank you. – She knows my favourite, she
made this beautiful mimosa. Thank you so much. – You’re welcome, please enjoy. – Oh this is the Cathay
tradition on the main course. They roll out a trolley, so you don’t have to guess what the meals looks like, everything is presented in front of you, so today I’m actually having beefsteak. – [Stewardess] Excuse me, here you go. – [Sam] Thank you! – [Stewardess] Please enjoy. – I’m so happy. – That’s good. (mellow music) – [Stewardesses] Bye, buh-bye. – Bye! See ya, bye!
– Bye! (mellow music) – [Sam] Hi. – Hi, welcome aboard! – [Sam] Hi, how are you? – I’m good how are you?
– Hi! – [Sam] Hi, good, good. – Welcome! What’s the number 10 here on your pin? – Number 10 is because of the award – we’re, ten years in a row, the world’s best cabin.
– [Sam] 10 years in a row? (distant conversation) – Hi nice to meet you, my
name is Ari, I’m Korean crew. At Korea, my Korean name’s A-reum. – So her name is A-reum, okay. What’s that mean in Korean? – Oh, it’s hard to say, but
the meaning is beautiful. – Oh, it means beautiful? – What makes you to become a member of the cabin crew? Is that a dream for you or something else? – Oh, in truth, it wasn’t my dream, but I was working in engineering
for 16 and a half years, and I was like but I have
engineering projects in Thailand, so I visit Thailand like twenty times, after that I fall in love with Thailand, so I will say, anything that I can be, living Thailand, I’m gonna be choosing. – Oh.
– And this was the job I got. – I got you; you love Thailand so much, so you found a job that
is based in Thailand, which also allows you to you
use your Korean skills and lets you travel back and forth. – But after being a member of cabin crew,
I really love this job too, like more than like living in Thailand, I love this job, this
company is really awesome. – Yeah, I can tell, she’s actually a really awesome member of cabin crew. Another beautiful lady,
she’s actually the purser of this flight, and she look
after me really, really well. This is the beautiful Tanisha. Is it comfortable, like
do you like this uniform? – Sure, the red colour makes women like more beautiful in my opinion. Mhm, I like it very much, this
uniform is very comfortable, and you know? (laughter) When I eat a lot this really
hides my belly, oh my God! – Oh, so yeah, wearing this
uniform it’s quite tight, right? You can’t eat too much in it. (mellow music) – [Sam] Hi, nice to see you. – [Sam] And you are from Japan? – Yes, I’m from Japan. – [Sam] And you speak Mandarin as well? – (speaks Mandarin) – [Sam] (speaks Mandarin) (upbeat music) – Would care some candies before landing? – [Sam] Oh thank you, thank
you for such a sweet flight. – Want to try this one? – [Sam] Okay. – Thank you!
– [Sam] Thank you so much. – Welcome aboard Hello Kitty! (soft orchestral music) (mellow music) – Welcome – Onboard – Our – Ten fifteen – Dash – Fantastic – Series. (upbeat music) – I have to say Qatar always have some of the most
hard-working, diligent crew that are always willing to go the extra mile. So my door here is
locked, it doesn’t move! It doesn’t give me the privacy again. What happened, did I break the door? – Mr. Sam, because we have a special way or special trick to open this door. We have to unlock it first using this key. – [Sam] Oh you have a key here! – [Stewardess] By pressing- yes. – [Sam] Okay. – [Stewardess] And sliding this one. – [Sam] And then there’s
a lock button to press. – [Stewardess] Yes. And then you can slide the door. – [Sam] Ooh, good. – And press if you don’t
want to be disturbed, of course you can press the DND. – [Sam] Oh no, I like to be disturbed. – Thank you, we’re happy to
have you with us onboard. – Let me show you the
crew bunk in our 850-1000. – [Sam] Sure, love to see it! – This! – [Sam] Oh this is a secret
passage, let me go up. (laughter) – [Stewardess] Be careful! – Mr. Sam, did you know
that in this 850-1000, we have eight crew bunks? – So there’s eight crew bunks in here? – Yes. – That’s big, that’s huge. Okay, see you. Here I found Chirag,
Chirag what do you do? – I work in the oil and gas business, but I’m an avid Av-Geek. – Absolutely, so tell
me, who is your favourite airline cabin crew, and why? – Singapore Airlines and
one of the reasons why Singapore Airlines
cabin crew is the one – you know, when it’s a long flight and
I like to go into the galley and talk and interact with them, and they’re some of the
most friendly and pleasant cabin crew to interact with,
so I really enjoy that. And of course, they deliver
exceptional service in any cabin whether it be in not just
in your premium cabins, but also when you’re back down in economy. – Very true. – They have an exceptional service. – That’s a very valid point, I concur, because if you talk
about service delivery, naturally people receive great service in first and business class – as they pay
more, they demand more, but really economy class
is where most people sit. If you could deliver exceptional
economy class service, then you’re a world-class airline. (mellow music) – Mr. Chui, hi!
– [Sam] Hi, how are you? – Welcome to SQ21 and
today is premium economy.
– Premium economy today. – Hi gentlemen, are you ready for lunch? – [Offscreen] Yes. – So we have three
choices: we have the beef with mashed potatoes, the
Kenyan ranch chicken breast with lentils, and the fish
curry with rice, the Thai-style. – In fifteen minutes, I got
my meal, it’s so fast today. Thank you so much. – Yeah we have to make sure
everyone get their meal in time. – Look at his hair, so cool! – I wish my hair’s like yours. – Thank you. – Love your hair, Daniel, love it. – Mr. Chui, on behalf
of the crew of SQ21, here’s something for you to remember. – Here’s Mayur, where are you from Mayur? – Well, I’m from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. – Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in India. – Yeah, that’s right, yeah. – Alright, so today I’m
actually doing a video about your favourite
cabin crew on the airline, so do you have one? – Yeah, definitely,
it’s Emirates, any time. – Emirates! – [Mayur] I’m a big fan. – [Sam] Okay, tell me why. – [Mayur] Because they always
cater to your personal needs. They are always welcoming, and they always have a very warm welcome on board. – Yeah, you must have had a great flight. Is it 777 or Airbus 380? – [Mayur] Oh, it’s definitely 777. – [Sam] 777 Boeing, right. My favourite is also Emirates,
because it was so diverse. The crew come from all over the world, many different countries, and
they’re full of surprises. (mellow music) – Yesterday, I freaked out after landing. I just realised I lost my Go-Pro. He managed to find it,
so it was such a relief. – Thank you. I was devastated for an
hour in the hotel room. It was such a relief.
– Thank you so much. – This is an Emirates
family, let me kiss you. – Would you like to have
a chilled apple juice, or some freshly squeezed orange juice, or a glass of (mumbles) – [Sam] What are you doing here? – So we’re preparing our meals for now, and we have chicken mushroom sauce, and we have (background
noise drowns out speaker). (cheers) – This is where the fun is,
it’s in the rear galley. Come to the rear galley, guys. – Oh yeah. – This is Anari, she’s from
Egypt, and interesting. – Oooh. – Oh my God! – [Offscreen] Excellent. (laughter) (mellow music) – Enjoy your drink! (mellow music) – I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. – Trinidad and Tobago, is that right? – That’s correct. – Wow! You are a Trinidadian and Tobagonian? – Or you can just simply
say a “Trinbagonian.” – I’m Lebanonese, from Lebanon. – I guessed right, I thought
you’re from Lebanon. Yeah, because you’re so charming. (speaking foreign language) – Oh, there you go. – That’s the three words I know. (cheers) – I’m from Africa, and this is my brother from where- from China. – From Senegal. – Senegal? No you’re from China. – Chinese Senegal.
– Chinese Senegal. – [Sam] Looks nice. Be like this, oops. Oh? What is this? – Surprise! – Oh my God! Thank you! (cheers) – Merry Christmas! – Hi, I’m the Skywards freak,
I’ve been flying Emirates and only Emirates for
the past eight years, because they have the
best crew in the world. (cheers) – Fly Emirates! (cheers) (mellow music) – Guys, I hope you like
the video this week. Thank you so much for viewing. In the comments section, let me know which is your favourite
airline cabin crew. And also, if you love Aviation, check out my Instagram,
my Twitter, and my blog. (mellow music)


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