Wreck The System – Take Off (Official Video)

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This is really starting to tick me off! Mission accepted! TWILL:
Lay down the red carpet, Or you gonna get Barrel Roll’d Wreck the System in this mess, And we finna lose all control! We the top squad And we heading on out If you ain’t followin’ us, then Follow the shouts of The Wrecking Crew! ‘Cause we gonna assemble Oh you can’t keep up? I blame that on your developmental Patterns, it’s a pattern, Tell me why you can’t see You fumble big like the Browns, We rap steady like machines Part bionic, we’re iconic,
Supertronic rap cyborgs I’m the lady of the stars,
You can call me your Star-Lord Yeah we’re “cocky little freaks!” Vigilantes on a mission,
Destroying cookie cutters, ‘Cause the mainstream is missin’ Out, on our mission,
Our simple objective, Leave behind the garbage,
We’re the finest collective! We’re not burning, these are Happy Days,
This mission won’t jump shark, But we’ll blast you into outer space,
Like we was Mr. Stark! [Hook]
Crank this in ya space ships, If you wanna fly with these rap game changers, We about to… Go! [x8] [LADYJ]
These MC’s are monkeys, We’re stepping on the scene McCloud in my blood, I’m the leader of the team! We’re hired to do
What these other n—as dream: Spitting fire, produce,
Never lose and getting cream The competition is livid,
Break everyone’s position! No sentiment is efficient enough
To abort the mission If you intentionally
Step to me defensively, Blast you outta Lylat,
Get the f–k out my vicinity! We always move with
Stars in our eyes No breaking the formation,
We’re in charge of our lives Wreck the System won’t end,
We’re large and alive, Our constellations are made up Through the darkest of skies Performance higher than
How Arwings fly Philosophy’s way greater
Than Andross’ size You know why? ‘Cause I can’t stand the average! Break the expectations, The only thing that matters! [Hook]
Crank this in ya space ships, If you wanna fly with these rap game changers, We about to… Go! [x8] [OSIRIS GREEN]
They call me “Bar Fox” And I show you hard knocks Come my way, I’ll make you pay like H&R Block All my s–t major, Got thick paper like card stock Come on my court, You’ll come up short like Lord Farquaad! Extraordinary mercenaries
Making pay, Living every day as Thanksgiving Kill you like I’m Wade Wilson We bury sets on stage,
Like we was grave-digging Like I broke the Smash Ball,
I turn into a tank spittin’! So give us any mission,
We’ll kill it independent We is really relentless,
Break through any defenses And LadyJ the captain,
Just give the coordinates I’ll bring back their head
And use it as a ship ornament! A green scouter and a laser gun Lighter than a razor,
And that’s dope ‘Cause my old weapon weighed a ton You just a common fool, Blast you to molecules, We is phenomenal,
And doing the impossible! [Hook]
Crank this in ya space ships, If you wanna fly with these rap game changers, We about to… Go! [x8] [CAM3]
“Time to show the monkeys who’s boss!” Yee-haw!! [CAM3]
Lemme pop yo ear sockets clear, Cloudrunner Cam has now landed
With the Rocketeers Higher than the Lylat System
Past the atmosphere Onto our Final Destination,
Ain’t no items here Wasn’t that bold as a tadpole,
An awkward and skinny lad “Stick to the pond, froggy!” Couldn’t leap off my lily pad… Motherf–k what they think! Trust my instincts with traitors Bring a Blaster to your Knife Party, “Destroy Them With Lazers!” So with that outta the way, Keep your hands offa my prey! Show these vultures
my Air Forces, Boot yo ass offa my plane! Whatever weather,
Your efforts in vain, Stopping the Reign?
You can’t, goddammit! Straight outta Corneria,
Invading your area, Turnin’ yo world into Animal Planet! Given my last f–k,
I’m gassed up, Lit as a volcano! Ain’t hard to tell
I’m flying off the rails I’m on that All Range Mode! I’m raising hell while blazing trails,
Onto the Danger Zone, Until the mission’s complete,
While we counting this money, All the way back home! BOOM! [Hook]
Crank this in ya space ship, If you wanna fly with these rap game changers, We about to… Go! [x8]


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