X-Plane 11 Flight Simulator Boeing 777F engine out emergency landing


What’s going on everybody welcome back
to X plane 11 today we’re gonna be flying our second part of our flight
from Memphis to Osaka Japan Kansai International so today we’re gonna be
doing a five-hour flight which is pretty much the same duration as the Memphis to
LAX flight but we’re gonna be doing a five-hour flight from LAX to Honolulu
actually where we’re gonna be stopping getting some additional cargo some
additional fuel to finish our journey from Memphis to Osaka so I recently
decided to add on the Honolulu leg because I was thinking of additional
ways to kind of mix things up and add a little bit of realism and I looked on
FlightAware and saw that there are some FedEx flights some heavy FedEx flights
done by triple sevens and MD 11s out of LAX to Honolulu so I thought it would be
a cool idea to stop on the way to Osaka in Honolulu it will give us a chance to
do some more landings more takeoffs see some more scenery all that good stuff
I’ve done a video in Honolulu before landing there in a 737 but I definitely
want to go back there in a 777 see what the weather looks like now we
should have some pretty interesting weather for us ahead so I’m pretty
excited to see what this flight holds for us it shouldn’t be too complex
shouldn’t be any issues but it’s definitely going to be a very pretty
take off out of here since the Sun is setting and there’s a little bit of
cloud cover here in LA so I’m gonna go ahead and get this plane turned around
so we’re gonna be pointed in the right direction towards runway 25R
hopefully and I’ll go ahead and taxi it’s gonna be very short taxi and then
we’ll be on our way out of here towards the west from runway 25R all
right trim is set for takeoff and now we are ready to start rolling there go to
brakes and here comes some throttle so the reason why the shadows look the
way they do in the light looks the way it does is because of this add-on called
path tracing or Marty McFly’s path tracing for riche aid it’s a beta shader
for riche aid that uses the depth detection so basically a program can see
in 3d what’s going on in a game and then it can apply additional effects like
lights that are rendered in a 3d space and shadowing and all that kind of stuff
so it basically is applying that to X plane right now and it’s dependent on
light in other 3d information that is being created with the sim so sometimes
in some environments when there’s like a lot of light in a dark area you’ll see a
lot of things like this where there’s blue light on a what looks like to be a
hollow surface or something or an empty surface with no texture on it but that’s
not the case it’s just a glitch that comes along with using this specific
add-on with riche aid so that’s one thing you can’t really fix like right
here is a really good example so I’m gonna go ahead and turn it off right now
but this effect that you see this very very aggressive lens flare is from X
enviro actually has nothing to do with reshape okay turn right here so we can
get on to runway 2 5 right because that’s the runway we’re gonna be
departing on to head out towards the west towards Honolulu heads up the autopilot all right so currently right now we have
experienced a bit of an emergency which is very confusing to me because first
off I do not have in flight failures enabled customized failures on the
aircraft itself are disabled as well so I definitely did not plan for anything
like this but thank goodness we were in a triple seven which is a plane that has
two engines so it is not necessarily common for this to happen but it is
common for this to happen and this is a plane that is perfect at dealing with
this kind of situation and as you can see we’re currently airborne and we we
have one engine running right now so I don’t really understand why engine two
died on this but we are currently not on fire and we are still at our cruising
altitude and we’re not dead for now we are approaching our top of descent
pretty much Honolulu is gonna be right up here and this is about an hour 15
minutes out so we have some time to troubleshoot before our landing but I
just really really wasn’t ready to deal with this kind of situation yet alright
so we have a really interesting situation here no matter what I do I
can’t get the plane to control itself or roll itself it can maintain its own
altitude but if it wants to turn or change its heading it cannot do it I’m
the only person who can change it I’m rolling the plane right now but if I
were to use el Nev if I were to you used to be heading hold change the
heading anything like that the plane won’t be able to do it so I’m thinking
there’s something wrong with the hydraulics or it might have something to
do with the fact that I accidentally moved the fuel control lever or the fuel
cutoff lever down to cut off while starting engine to for like half a
second that might have broken it I don’t know because that’s the engine we’re
having issues with and I didn’t do that on my last flight and we had no issues
so that could possibly be the reason why we might die when landing so hopefully
we don’t that would be very bad all right so we’re getting pretty close to
our top of descent here and right now I am still flying the plane by hand could
not revive the engine number two it’s a lost cause we’re just gonna have to
continue on without it I’ve never flown a triple 7 or landed a triple 7 with a
singular engine so this is gonna be pretty interesting to watch unfold I’m
very low on energy I’m doing this in real time it is actually like 11:40 to
the time in-game is a little bit earlier or it’s a little bit late I don’t know
it’s all late so I’m low on energy this is gonna be difficult and yeah I have no
idea how this is gonna go also I do not have auto throttle
so I’m manually knocking back the throttle and bumping it up every once in
a while to keep it below 300 and you know around like two 80s I’m trying to
do so I’ve just been doing that for the past like
I’d say about like our so we should be landing here and about I would say 20
minutes 30 minutes we should be done with this flight in 45 minutes so we’ll
see how this unfolds all right so we’ve reached our top of descent here so I’m
going to go ahead and drop the plane down to flight level two six zero from
flight level three six zero because that is what is said in the FMC here so I’m
gonna go ahead and do that and it looks like the autopilot is still active when
it comes to the vertical speed so I don’t think it’s gonna drop it for me we
have to change the altitude this is very strange because the second I have to
change up what I’m used to I just I just lose all sense of I don’t know
connection with the plane it’s so strange all right surpassing the Maggi Waypoint
and we need to drop our altitude – what is it 16,000 feet so I’m gonna go ahead
and change our altitude to 16,000 all right so we’re getting pretty close to
the bamboo Waypoint and we can see the lights of Honolulu so we’re getting
pretty close to the airport and I’m definitely definitely getting pretty
nervous definitely don’t know how this is going to go my biggest fear is that
we get pretty close to the ground and the auto rudder trim or the auto rudder
compensation that’s basically keeping the plane straight right now since we
only have one engine running I’m scared that that’s just gonna shut off randomly
in the planes gonna just y’all really hard to the left or to the right because
engine what engine one is on the left so all the thrust will be pushed in one
side so it’s gonna spin so I’m really scared of that happening
so right now I’m just kind of focusing half on talking and half on kind of
looking at everything and making sure that everything’s as stable as possible
so that I have the cleanest in most smooth transition into this very unsure
approach that is this flight this entire flight
all right so I’m gonna go ahead and drop my altitude once again want speed to get too low still supposed
to be holding to 59 go ahead and increase my power disgustin next one 12,000 12200 oh but one thing remember it is
that the flight pit flight plan is a little bit too close because I’m
supposed to run parallel with runway eight left and then I turn around so I’m
gonna go ahead and not follow the flight plan completely for now as we drop the
plane so I’m gonna go ahead and turn the landing lights and everything on so I’m
gonna go ahead and once we intersect with the Celek Waypoint I’m going to
just set the altitude and these effects are so cool this is from ex enviro this
is all stock with ex and raro once you install it you get these effects with
all your planes it’s it’s pretty awesome this never gets old fps goes down a
little bit but I can’t really see it a little bit it goes down quite a bit
depending on your system but it’s really cool to have these effects definitely
very distracting but as soon as we intersect with deep Wow as soon as we
intersect with the Selleck Waypoint I’m going to go ahead and set the altitude
to zero so that I can aim the vertical speed or I guess the green line which
represents where our set altitude is aimed for at least it’s dependent on our
vertical speed basically telling when we’ll hit the altitude we have set up
here so we should be landing pretty soon I am definitely scared very scared all
right so I’m gonna go ahead and do the turnaround for the Selleck Waypoint
right now so this is basically gonna determine how good the
landing is is how well I set myself up right here so hopefully we don’t hit any
sort of serious turbulence anything that the roses soft alright so I believe we
dived a little lower than we needed to be but we’re not too far off so this F G
tre I’m going to try and pronounce that – so the altitude for this Waypoint is
supposed to be 2700 we are at 2700 now so I’m just gonna maintain our Oh all right so that was a very very
interesting flight so I’m not really too sure exactly what’s happened to the
plane so one thing I noticed was that I had nothing open on my computer for the
pretty much the entire flight and then I opened a Google Chrome and then the
plane just seemed to break as soon as I opened up Google Chrome I don’t know why that is but I guess I
can’t use Google Chrome anymore when flying with the flight factor triple7
which I’m not really I don’t care honestly that’s fine better
performance for me anyway but other than that everything was fine in the flight
so like last last like two hours pretty bad but other than that we are good I
guess we still have one engine and I’m pretty sure this is not what happens
usually if there is a engine out but yeah nobody died it’s always pretty good
we don’t want that we never want that people dying is bad but one thing I like
about X plane and one thing that’s been in it for a long time I think since X
plane 10 is the fact that this simulator has proper 3d lighting everything and
pretty much every other flight simulator isn’t done in a 3d space so for example
you always have like a black cockpit in flight simulator x or other flight Sims
at night even if you’re near light which is just a texture but in X plane 11 this
light is actual light it’s 3d light and you see its simulated as if it is 3d
lights so if you get close enough at a certain angle it should make the cockpit
light up white like this I was hoping I would do it on the other part of the
panel that’s facing us Pegasus tonight and I
guess this guy is not gonna it’s not gonna help this in which is fine I’ll
just do it myself all right so once again I forgot the APU
yikes but we have our ground power so I’m gonna go ahead and switch to those
and then I want to switch off our one engine that’s running and keeping this
plane on an air anything and I’m going to go ahead and figure out a way to fix
this plane so that we can go ahead and continue this flight on from Honolulu to
Osaka where we will end this journey and potentially continue it on back to
Memphis as this flight would continue on as they run these flights but anyway if
you guys enjoyed the video I hope you guys did at the very least you found it
very interesting a very exhausted tired me landed a very broken triple7 which is
definitely not very easy I’d like to add but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed the
video I’m tired I’m gonna go to bed you guys have an amazing one I’m gonna have
some sweet dreams please like the video subscribe notifications all that good
stuff have an amazing day peace


61 Responses

  1. Peter Bland

    February 26, 2020 10:15 pm

    Great video! From my experiences using the 777 in X-Plane, I find that whenever I leave the "Custom failures" option in the FF menu activated that an engine failure is guaranteed. I just switch it off and its usually okay.

  2. Mister Fahrenheit

    February 26, 2020 11:40 pm

    wonderful video as always! how did you blur some parts of the view, or is that editing. what editing software do you use? i hope to see more great xp11 vieeos i’ve also actually thought about giving better textures to the 777

  3. 刘汉智

    February 27, 2020 12:30 am

    Your video looks like a realistic movie! By the way, does the path tracing shader support X-Vision. Reshade doesn't work for my computer.

  4. Le Cran

    February 27, 2020 2:27 am

    Holy your sim is a freaking god, but that landing was the most terrible landing of 2020 (don’t get me wrong)

  5. UnsuitableAk

    February 27, 2020 3:23 am

    Nice videos, if you want I can tell you some stuff you doing wrong
    1) set the damn altimeter to STD it makes me want to cry 😂
    2) your eng might fall due to overheat from the anti ice, I had that few times
    3)you need APU on when you have eng fall so it push hydraulics and provide power
    4) Do you have discord I would like to fly with you ^^

  6. BluMac.

    February 27, 2020 3:39 am

    I don’t think you would use reversers in a single engine landing, unless you’re severely overweight and need all the down pressure you can get.

  7. MajorTom1990

    February 27, 2020 6:43 pm

    Love the vids. Keep it up! Also downloaded reshade and the textures you mentioned. I'm having trouble setting it up. Is it possible you could mention some directions to help me install the textures into reshade? Having some trouble and getting an error message highlighted in red text.

  8. CmteJumbo

    February 27, 2020 9:57 pm

    hey variable, how do your pc perform with xenviro 1.13? how much fps do u get? i have the same specs but afraid to buy it

  9. BoricRecord 964

    February 28, 2020 4:08 pm

    Great video !
    I'm surprised the reverse thrust didn't give you an asymmetrical effect during the decel.

  10. Damien Chung

    February 28, 2020 10:22 pm

    I had a similar issue with my 777, right after takeoff the FD did not follow the LNAV/HDG but the VNAV is still working fine, A/T is also working fine, I had to return because it will turn to some random heading if I turn autopilot on. I don't know if it's because I updated the sound to the BSS soundpack, custom failure was off as well so not too sure why it does that. To be fair I have been getting a lot of weird failures on most flights on the 777, might be a bug?


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