X Wing 2.0 – TIE Defender Predictions

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hey guys this is David back in another
episode with x-wing vs. today I’ll be talking about the TIE Defender and its
potential future in x-wing 2.0 if you’re wondering where where I am or why that’s
why there’s now so much time between x-wing videos of the simple reason that
is I’m developing my own game so if you would like to see these videos whenever
I put out another one please be sure to subscribe and hit the bell for alerts
just so that way you’re immediately in for and when I release the video and
alright now that’s out the way it will go straight into the TIE Defender so in
2.0 there are some pretty there’s a few changes but there I feel like they’re
pretty big so the first one I want to talk about is the ability called full
throttle so this ability now comes is basically the standard TIE x7 title for
title endures and in that title if you were to able to fully execute a three to
five speed maneuver you would be assigned a or you would perform a free
evade action you know that’s pretty handy for defense and now every tied
offender gets that right off the bat and so that’s that’s pretty good that’s
pretty powerful there’s a reason why the tag seven title was pretty common
actually won first place in a tournament with this and I and I won against some a
few builds that use the tidy title so I would definitely say the TIE x7 title
is a superior one because it also made the ship two points cheaper which is
probably why we’re they just went ahead and put it into every TIE Defender so
that’s good to know at higher speeds you will always be getting a free of aid
which in my mind means you always be going those three to five speed
maneuvers such as your 4k turn so you can get your free of evade action and
since we’re talking about speed of maneuvers let’s talk about the dial so
the maneuver dial hasn’t changed too much except for
three big changes first is though one banks are now blue which is the
equivalent of green and exit 1.0 so that means if we tried a Defender a stress
it’ll now be able to de-stress with the one bank and the tie defender was one of
the original reasons why we got the twin ion engines upgrade was to make the tied
offender of less predictable because it’s only green maneuvers were straight
so it was super easy to know if your if your opponent wanted e stress where he
was going to be and so they added the twin ion engine so it’d be a little less
obvious where exactly that ship would be positioned and with one sights it makes
it a little less obvious I still think it’s kind of obvious where you’re going
to end up but at least the option is there and the other huge change I say
huge is really don’t think it’s that big of a change is that there is now a 2k
turn which does stress the ship and so I think this is a nice option in case like
you don’t want to fully leave the combat but you know everyone else is going to
be I going to be further away from you but oh no I don’t think this is a big
this is gonna make a big difference because first of all it’s a two-speed
maneuver you’re not gonna get a free evade action from it and even if you
could you’d be stressed from that action so a it’s a nice option but I really
feel the 4k turn is still been the default for most people and even though
it’s super obvious to know when ty defender is going to go the 4k turn it’s
really hard to stop because like I mentioned earlier that I was able to win
a tournament of local tournament using tie x7s to tie X 7s and then I also had a
new squadron pilot with a heavy laser cannon as well and I’m pretty sure my
opponents knew every time when I was going to do a 4k turn but let’s say
they’re already stressed there would be nothing they can do to almost nothing
they can do to escape my being in my firing arc so it’s nice but I feel like
in prayer yes it isn’t going to make a huge
difference with the Thai defender and speaking of practice is with the TIE
Defender one thing I don’t feel is super common towards the end of X Wing 1.0 was
seeing the tidy title and if you don’t remember the tie D title basically let
you attack twice with them by using a second secondary cannon attack that was
through them three points in my mind I always saw that as basically two extra
points to get attacked twice which I mean sounds nice
and reality wasn’t super functional but it was a nice option and I loved it
because that in Canon or in legends that’s how the Thai defender functioned
and I’m pretty sure they didn’t say if it is or isn’t in the game
I suspect it’s gone and I think that’s fine you know I’m a little sad from like
a legend standpoint but I think for the help of X Wing in the gameplay I think
that’s not a bad decision at all and another important difference with the
TIE Defender is its action bar so we we now basically have the five standard
actions that were in next week from the beginning boost barrel of a target lock
in focus so with all these actions I feel that the price of the ship is going
to go up possibly pretty significantly like these are good options and also not
to mention that this the Thai defender also gained an extra shield and if you
think about that like engine upgrade in the original next wing 1.0 was four
points an extra shield was also four points and I don’t think they’re gonna
add like eight or sixteen points the thing how they price ships to the cost
of this high defender I think it’s just something to keep in mind and that I
think the TIE defender could be pretty substantially expensive now and so much
so that it may be hard to include more than two of them especially named pilots
I don’t think is from how powerful tie 7 defender was and 2 point and
X Wing one point out I don’t really think that they’re gonna want to make TIE
defenders TIE Defenders forms essentially or it wouldn’t be a swarm
because it’d only be three but still super common when I went my last X-Wing
tournament half the Imperial players were using TIE Defenders and all the
Imperial players like a lot of us were in the top half of the tournament so I
kind of feel like the Thai defender is already pretty strong and going into X Wing
2.0 is going to be very strong and so I think they’re gonna balance it out with
a lot of price changes which is part of the reason why they were developing
their own app is just so it’s a lot easier to change the pricing for ships
to make sure the game remains balanced so I think my prediction for x-wing 2.0
is the TIE Defender a little stupid there will be a very strong option but
it’ll be very expensive and it will be hard to mast high defenders without
using generic pilots and if you’re using the name pilots it will be you won’t
want to include more than one just because it’ll be so expensive
and speaking of name pilots I do know I do remember from the stream that they
did reveal the countess so the countess is still in the game her abilities
slightly changed her ability red whenever you revealed a straight
maneuver you may treat it as a K turn and an actually one point O that K turn
was still treated as a green maneuver so would distress you and 2.0 it no longer
nice dresses you which is a good change very balanced I’m not scared or opposed
to that at all well that’s just something to know moving forward and
just how like especially positioning they’re focusing a lot on positioning
and your maneuvers in x-wing 2.0 and I’m pretty sure they also revealed Rexlar
Brath and his ability is very similar but with some slight changes too and I
believe he was still up there in the end the pilot skills and I’m also curious to
see on the screen we have the Onyx squadron ace and so I wonder
I’m willing to bet there is still just like a regular onyx squadron pilot who
had a lower pilot skill it’ll be interesting to see how low it goes
because and if they’re like Thai defenders were you know they were pretty
leet fighter so they try to give them to more experienced pilots at least in
theory and and 1.0 there was a pilot skill one Thai defender pilot so it’ll
be interesting to see what they choose with generics moving forward and those
are just a summary of my thoughts and feelings about what we know about the
Thai defender and just some my predictions and I’m curious to know what
you guys think will happen to the Thai defender in the future and if you like
these videos again like I mentioned earlier please consider subscribing just
that we were notified as soon as I make this content and yeah just thank you
guys for watching and I hope you guys have a good day


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